Added 3 New Video Presentations to YouTube

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Last week I managed to find time to put together 3 video presentations on tips for bloggers.  I had made it one of my primary goals to try and do at least 2-3 video demonstrations per month to add to my blogs and grow my YouTube channel.  As I have a Everio HD Camcorder, I realize it takes me quite a bit of time to edit the videos which are in .MOD format, I have to use my Pinnacle Studio 14 to trim them up, add some titles and convert them to MP4 to upload to YouTube.

My Computer case fan and ceiling fan in my office provide surprising large amounts of background noise, and the microphone on my camera doesn’t pick up my voice from 5′ away as well as I like so I need to do some more tweaking to get the audio right.  Pinnacle Studio 14 does not filter out background noise nearly as well as Camtasia Studio does, but Camtasia Studio won’t import an MP4 file created from Pinnacle Studio 14 nor will it work with the .MOD files directly so it would take far too much time to have to convert to AVI, then edit in Camtasia, then convert back to MP4 to upload to YouTube.

In the meantime, here was my video about your blogging reputation:

Feel free to visit DragonBlogger on YouTube and check out my video tutorials on everything from Picasa to Refollow and my presentations where I present quick blogging tips and information for bloggers.

-Justin Germino

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