Acting Out of Character

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You ever wake up and feel completely out of character for some reason? Maybe it’s a mood or a change caused by environment, stress, lack of sleep or a combination of factors. Most times when people declare or notice you are acting out of character it is not really a good thing. However, for people who are known for a specific temperament this can be something like being overly thoughtful or nice is acting out of character.

Mostly I wake up feeling optimistic, enthusiastic and ready to face the day but on rare days I sometimes can wake up feeling the exact opposite. Inspiration vanishes, a sort of emotional lethargy and nonchalant wave sinks over me. This mostly can be caused by stressful situations but sometimes it can just happen without rhyme or reason and I just sit back and find ways to break the funk so to speak.

My most effective means for combating a foul mood or mild depression is working out, running or breaking routine and doing something different. I don’t feel like working out of course, but I just put on some loud music with lots of energy and drum beats and force myself to use the stepper or lift weights until my heart is pumping and I am out of breath. I know that the endorphins will soon kick in and maybe about 2-3 hours later I will feel better both physically and mentally.

Sometimes a good comedy show or movie is all you need to snap out of a funk, other times it is a walking the dog to the dog park to play. Just break the monotony when feeling the blues or out of character in a negative way. This is one of my methods for trying to keep centered and myself in character.

-Justin Germino

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