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About Justin Germino,

I grew up in Ozone Park, NY and lived in Queens, NY until I was 18 years old. Then I moved to Arizona and I currently have spent the last 17 years of my live as an Arizona native. I met the love of my life back in 1996 and married her July 4th 1999. We have a family that we raise together and we, like many middle class Americans deal with the life and struggles of middle class America. Raising a healthy family, keeping finances in the black and trying to survive this game we call life while carving out moments to enjoy.

My real name is Justin Germino, I have been working in the IT Industry for over 12 years and specializing in web based technologies.  Currently I am a Technology Manager for a major bank.  You can visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me professionally. I am a techie by nature and I love technology, science and particularly enjoy reading about the latest science and biological news and discoveries as well as gadgets. I love movies and television and appreciate the art from to the highest degree. I am into video games (Guild Wars 2, Starcraft 2…etc), music, travel, night life and just about anything and everything. You only have one life and you have to live it. I am passionate about what I believe. I love all forms of entertainment, Movies, Television, Books (Especially Audiobooks), Role Playing (Dungeons and Dragons mostly), Music (Rock primarily, but all kinds and Sting is my favorite musician).

My blogs are an extension of my persona, my ability to reach out to readers and share with them my thoughts on life, the world, as well as the products and services I work with and try. Some things are very good and worth spreading praise about, and others are not so good and worth warning people about. Welcome to the world of my opinions and thoughts, it is my goal to provide insight and help and if you gather any new knowledge, or learn a new trick or are influenced by my opinion on any product, service, movie, game or anything that I review…
Then my Job is Done.

If you are interested in advertising on any of my blogs or having your product reviewed and showcased please contact me via Dragon Blogger Hire Me page.

I currently write or administrate for 7 WordPress blogs.  I also write for Associated Content and Helium and have published over two hundred articles and/or poems between those two sites as well.  I also run a small blog on Amplify as an extension to these blogs below.

dragonblogger-newentrecard Dragonblogger.com
My primary blog site 50% technology, 50% entertainment and mixes movie reviews, game reviews with blogging news , internet & technology news and reviews.
Dragon Blogger is my other persona online and is my alternate identity, my Dragonblogger.com site currently gets more than 13000 unique visits per month.
wandererthoughts125x125 Wanderer Thoughts
My personal poetry and literature blog, this blog hosts all of my poems and short stories. I am becoming quite popular on twitter for doing my daily random twitter poetry game where I take random words off of twitter and create a random poem including those words every weekday.
justingermino125x125 Justin Germino
This is my personal blog about being a Husband, Father and resident of Arizona. I blog about everything I do and come across, and share insights and personal opinions on just about anything. Some of my most popular categories are romantic tips and parenting advice.
The Chefs Cookbook The Chefs Cookbook
My wife’s other blog and is dedicated to culinary articles and information.  My wife is an accredited chef in French cooking techniques and has created over a hundred original recipes.  I administrate the site and provide the occasional food review or post.
wpcypher125 WP Cypher
WP Cypher is a Web Design and WordPress oriented blog that I purchased as a way to add more WordPress content as DragonBlogger became more focused on consumer tech and entertainment, this blog features very specifically WordPress related plugin reviews, theme reviews/showcases, design tips, tutorials and more.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, leave me a comment.

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