A Two Year Olds Obsession With Robots

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My toddler has recently been obsessed with robot movies, robots of all sorts it would seem. This started somehow when Buzz Lightyear became his favorite character, then WALL-E was one of his favorite movies. Now his favorite movie is “The Iron Giant” which is a great film, and he wants to watch it all the time, but it goes further.

He likes robots so much, that he watches “ROBOTS”, “Zathura” for the robot scenes, “Short Circuit” among just about anything else that might have cartoon or real metallic robots. He actually will repeat over and over “Robot Broke” after a robot gets damaged in one of the movies, it is the cutest thing.

This could be a sign, I wonder if he will be into robotics and circuitry when he grows up?

So one thing we do for fun is make our own robot like things out of cardboard displays, just take some old pieces of cardboard and wrap in tin foil, you can use string, clay, or wooden blocks glued to make all sorts of fake transistors, wires and other cool stuff.

But remember toddlers can put stuff in their mouths don’t let them play with anything like tin foil unsupervised, this really is ideal project for kids four and up.

Also, does anyone remember any other cool robot movies out there for kids?

-Justin Germino

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