34th Birthday is Here

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So today is my 34th Birthday and much like the middle years this isn’t really a major milestone to celebrate.  I find myself contemplating all of the things I had hoped to accomplish by 34 and found that I had a lot to be proud of though there are many goals I need to set for myself.

Most of all I didn’t even take today off of work so will feel like a normal day instead.  The cool thing is my son turns 8 next week and we are celebrating our combined birthday at Benihana’s this Sunday which is one of his favorite places.

Mostly I am just looking forward to fall break in early October where the whole family will spend some time in our Beach Cottage (what we call it) and just escape the hot Arizona weather and enjoy some time at the beach and in SoCal.

It will be a partial working vacation for me as I can’t take the entire week off of work.

My favorite cake is Blueberry Cheesecake, and maybe I will have one of those to celebrate tonight or this weekend.  Other than that I am looking forward to Might and Magic Heroes VI which will be my birthday gift but the game doesn’t release until mid October (though I will be getting the early playable Beta which has a few levels).

-Justin Germino

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