3 Ways To Increase YouTube Views

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If you’re searching for a great new way to promote your brand, YouTube is available to all businesses both large and small. Creating your account is easy and once it’s set up, it’s free to upload your videos to your YouTube account. It’s also free for users to watch your videos, which encourages more people to view and share them with others.

Creating videos and uploading them to your YouTube channel is a great way to promote your business but that’s the easy part. You may find getting people to view your content a bit more challenging due to the incredible number of videos posted to YouTube on a daily basis. There are countless videos available on just about any subject you can think of, so getting people to notice yours is the challenging part but it can be done.

You can’t just post your videos and wait for people to find them. You’ll need to put some time into promoting your YouTube channel to encourage people to watch your videos but it’s well worth the effort. Here are some ways to increase YouTube views and draw more attention to your videos.

Add Links Everywhere

To promote your video, add a link on your website, in your email and on other social networking sites leading to your YouTube channel. Place links everywhere it’s appropriate and you’ll greatly increase your exposure. People will click on the link and if you have an interesting title, thumbnail and description, many of them will view your video to see what you have to offer and this will increase your YouTube views. In your video descriptions, add a link to your company’s website to make it easy for people to learn more about your brand. This will generate more interest in both your videos and your website.

Copying and pasting URLs is outdated. Users want and expect the convenience of using links and when you provide them throughout all your content, where appropriate of course, it encourage people to click on the links.

Be Creative

Creative content will drive visitors to your site faster than other types of content because people are attracted to things that are unique. Visual content appeals to your customers better than written content but no one wants to see the same old boring thing all the time. They want to watch videos that offer fresh and exciting content. When you create a video that appeals to your customer’s emotions, it helps to build trust and good relationships that turn followers into loyal customers.

While you do want your videos to show creativity, they also need to be short. Two minutes is the average length and it’s just enough time to engage the viewer and make them interested in your product but still short enough to not turn off or aggravate users.

Promoting your brand on YouTube has many benefits and it’s very easy to do. It’s a great way to create a buzz about your company and share information that will generate interest in your business. You can maximize your marketing efforts when you extend your marketing strategies to include YouTube and you have many ways to promote your videos to increase your views.

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Updated: January 15, 2014 — 5:58 am