22 Tons of Rock Delivered

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Today I face the challenge of 22 tons of landscaping rock being delivered to my house and dumped in a giant pile.  I have a goal of 2 weeks or less to spread that 22 tons of 1″ landscaping rock across nearly 4,000 square feet of front yard.


I haven’t done that much landscaping rock tonnage in about 8 years and I was in my twenties then, I nearly snapped a muscle in my back so hoping that this many years later I still have the endurance and tenacity to get this done.

Or maybe I will end up having to hire some help, but I am pretty stubborn and my goal is to have it all completed in 3 days if possible but will give myself a 2 week leeway if needed.

Can I have the rock spread out in time?  And better yet, will I have any time to blog if all my free time is shoving and spreading landscape rock over the next several days?

It is already starting to get hot here in Southern AZ, so going to have to start at like 6am, work until my day job starts, then finish up at nights.

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