11 of the Strangest, Most Bizarre Things Sold on the Internet

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With internet auction sites such as Ebay, people have been able to buy and sell whatever they wanted online. However, some of the items sold have been downright bizarre. It makes you wonder what kind of people sell weird items, and even more so, what kind of strange people buy them. This is a look at just a few of the Internet’s oddest purchases.

1. Grilled Cheese Virgin or Stevie Nix


Image via flickr by yrgoldteeth

The Lord works in mysterious ways. In this instance, he chose to have the mother of his only son appear on a grilled cheese sandwich. Or its Stevie Nix, your call. This delicious and sanctifying or angel-voiced morsel sold at auction for $28,000.

2. Illinois Corn Flake

It’s only natural that one of the country’s leading producers of corn would show up in corn flake form. Sisters in Virginia found the outline of the state in the guise of a corn flake. It sold for $1,350.

3. Virginity


Image via flickr by jenny8lee

There’s nothing more special than losing your virginity to someone you love. However, one 18-year-old woman decided that this moment was worth some moolah. The inexperienced young lady sold herself on Ebay for a cool $300,000.

4. Group of Four Men from Australia to Spend the Weekend With the Promise of “Beer, Snacks, and a [Heck] of a Lot of Laughs


Image via flickr by anniejay

This couldn’t be made up. Four friends in Australia actually auctioned themselves on Ebay for a wild weekend. And some lonely soul couldn’t say no. The selling price of $1,300 seems a bit steep, but maybe the weekend turned into “The Hangover”. No word yet on how the partying went.

5. The Meaning of Life


Image via flickr by michaelsking

The question all human beings ask: what is the meaning of life? Someone had the answer, and decided to make money off the knowledge. Apparently the answer isn’t exactly uplifting. It sold for $10.50.

6. Bridgeville, California


Image via flickr by GYLo

This sleepy little town of 25 residents has been sold 3 times on Ebay. The most recent buyer committed suicide after purchasing the town for $1.25 million. It sounds like a lovely place, doesn’t it?

7. An Imaginary Friend


Image via flickr by leafar.

Whoever thought up this idea was brilliant and creative. The purchaser may need to see a shrink. The unseen buddy sold for $3082.50 at auction.

8. Inflatable Party Sheep


Image via flickr by Gene Hunt

What exactly you need an inflatable party sheep for is beyond me, but apparently they are in high enough demand for them to be sold on Amazon for $11.95. So, if you’re having a Little Bo Peep themed party or one of your friends has a bizarre fetish, fear not.

9. Wolf Urine


Image via flickr by Arrr!

If you’re in the market for carnivore pee, look no further. You can buy this stuff online, and it’s only $31.95 a quart. Talk about value. Supposedly it’s used to ward off deer. Or used in rituals. Either way, you can make it yours.

10. Sigmund Freud Action Figure


Image via flickr by One From RM

You remember when you were a kid, playing with Batman, Superman, and Flash action figures, fighting the forces of evil. What you should have done was pit the id against the super-ego. And who better to fight that battle than Freud himself.

11. Electronic Spin the Bottle


Image via flickr by Michael_Lehet

No one does it the old-fashioned way anymore. For only $45, you can be the proud owner of an electronic spin the bottle game. If you’re too lazy to spin a bottle, I can’t imagine what making out with you would be like. Sloppy and uninspired, indeed.

Don’t forget that the Internet is useful for other things as well. From explaining internet cables to learning how an engine works, the Internet has it all. There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Especially if it has the Virgin Mary seared into it.

Updated: July 15, 2013 — 6:18 am