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Thames and Kosmos Geckobot Mini Review

Took 2 hours but the Geckobot has been assembled so the truth is it was fun to put together, but the suction cups are weak and the thing is very delicate. The motor box is inconsistent even with newest batteries. So a fun project that ended up disappointing in operation.

Putting it together was not unlike Lego’s but instead of bricks most of the objects you connect are cylindrical and tubular.  There is a long piece of tubing you have to cut down to specific measurements which allow for the air flow.

Ultimately there were problems in this little bots execution after with the power not working properly, the suction cups not holding well on a glass sliding door and it being extremely fragile.  My son still really liked how it looked completed and did not want to return it because of the effort spent and how it looked when all was completed. Because it was 2 hours of fun project time with my son, I rate it 3 stars out of 5 on that.

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