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Tales from Elite Dangerous – The Day I Became a Count

Working for the imperials has been a grind for sure, but one worth the effort and today I earned my rank getting me closer to having the authority to purchase the mighty Imperial Cutter the largest cargo capacity civilian ship in the galaxy at the moment.  It was December 30th 3303, and today I decided to take Platinum Dragon out of the hanger bay for a few missions.  Platinum Dragon is the name of my Anaconda and she is a fine ship.  I jumped all over the bubble finding the rare materials to have her engineered, each part enhanced to peak efficiency so that pound for pound she can best any stock Anaconda without getting a scratch.

Today I had to put that statement to the test, when I was running some cargo to Gunter Port for a faction who was fighting a civil war and they were in desperate need for Non-Lethal Weapons and Reactive Armor to help them in their fight.  I was near the port when my alarms in the cockpit flared indicating I was being interdicted, when interdicted I rarely attempt to flee and instead conserve my frame shift drive by submitting.  This gives me options to fight or flee and avoid the damage and delay the FSD drive takes if you fail to win an escape maneuver.

I drop out and right in front of me this big ship was expecting me, rarely do I see a ship in front of me when interdicted so I deployed guns and opened fire.  My Class 4 beam laser draining shields while my frag cannons, multi-cannons and turreted beam lasers provided backup support.  Before I could even drop the first Anaconda a 2nd one jumped in behind me and started opening fire.  My prismatic shields which were Class 6 leaving my Class 7 bay for cargo were under a heavy pounding and the first shield ring evaporated.  Fortunately I flipped the switch and fired off a shield cell bank while dropping a heat sink to vent out my now uncomfortably hot cabin.

My in flight camera recorded the entire battle for your viewing pleasure:

After my efforts with delivering the cargo, the Imperial Navy gave me another assignment and this time I knew it was something special.  A top secret delivery mission to a planetary base in Cubeo and I made it without incident.  After turning my rewards I received a communication from command that I was finally promoted to Count in the Empire.

I spent the rest of the evening celebrating with some imported Lavian Brandy and took on a few more passenger transports, the Cutter would be mine soon and I needed to make sure I had enough credits to outfit it properly.  Then it would be off to the grind for materials fitting for a proper engineering.

-Commander DragonBlogger Out