Youngest Son Turns 5 Today

Today is my youngest sons 5th birthday and he is very excited and looking forward to opening his presents when he gets home from school.  We took him to an early Birthday movie to see Puss N’ Boots on the weekend which the whole family loved and tonight we will celebrate dinner at Peter Piper Pizza (kids love the arcades, Pizza is just so-so).

My son recently learned that his brother used to record audio poetry with me years back and wanted to do his own collaboration with me so we published his poem today on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry where he helped me create the poem and read it aloud last week.

You can listen to him read Hating Bugs here and let him know what you thought of it.

-Justin Germino

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Justin Germino

IT Manager who is a married father of two children living in Southern California, my hobbies include running a technology blog, doing product reviews, playing video games (gamer for life), and spending quality time with my family.

  • PeterPiperPizza

    Thanks for choosing @PeterPiperPizza for your son’s 5th birthday! We hope you enjoyed the special day with plenty of food and fun! Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us! Thanks and happy belated birthday to your son!

    -Your friends at Peter Piper Pizza

    • @PeterPiperPizza Glad you guys updated with some new arcades in the Casa Grande one.