Triberr and Microsoft Outages and What You Can Learn From Them

Why did I include both Microsoft and Triberr in the same sentences and what do they have in common?


Both Triberr and Microsoft failed to renew domain licenses in the past few days and as a result took site outages for services.  In the case of Microsoft they failed to renew the the SSL Certificate for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage so the entire cloud service platform via the SSL interface had issues and this is especially bad for a major corporation to let a lapse in SSL certificates happen that could cause major customer outage.  What if Google Drive, Amazon Cloud or another forgot to renew some critical SSL certificate and cause major customer outages, this would be a loss of service, trust and reputation for a long time.  Read more about the Microsoft Azure issue from Forbes.

Triberr had a similar renewal issue but this was on the whole Triberr.com domain that failed to be renewed.  Dino shares the story on DIYBlogger.net even before Triberr was back up and running I think.  This one though is another example and though it was fixed in 24 hours and Triberr is a service many pay for the customer base is small in comparison to a massive corporation and what if someone else had bought out the domain from under him (granted I think there is some domain protection that prevents the domain from being picked up by a vulture unless it isn’t renewed for a few weeks after it expires) but still this is a grave concern.  What if the staff were on vacation and had no access to email like on a cruise or something and this happened.  I completely understand this happening and I actually had the opposite problem where I had domains auto-renew when I wanted them to expire.

This reminds me of something I read that domains actually can rank better and have more authority if you pre-purchase multi years instead of renewing annually, just having SEOMoz showing the domain won’t expire for 3+ years in the future can help the ranking and authority of the site since by owning a domain for so long instead of renewing annually it shows it as a longer term investment or something.  I am going to renew DragonBlogger.com when it comes up this year as a 3+ year instead of annual and see if it makes a difference in my experiment as the site hits 5+ years old.

Here’s the lesson, if you purchase domains make sure you setup the notification functionality so you are notified when your domain is about to expire, you can set to manually renew so it doesn’t charge your credit card automatically each year but make sure your email that is notified isn’t one you get rid of or don’t check often. 

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  • That must be really a bad experience indeed.

    Having domain name purchased for multi year obviously indicates that the site owner is serious about his blog and has a long term plan. We tend to buy and renew for one year only when we are testing (may be the registrar or the blog itself or the concept on which the blog stands), and as long as in experimental phase, nobody takes it for serious.

    That was a good lesson Justin and I’m too going to renew my blog for multi years. My bivori.com is expiring next month.

    • Yeah, next time DragonBlogger comes up I am going to do multi-year, I have been doing annual registrations myself previously.

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