Mar 23

Trailer Needs Level 2 Inspection

So you know that finished trailer I talked about a few weeks ago?  My wife and I bought this old clunky boat trailer from a guy and fixed it up nice.  We took it to DMV for a level 1 inspection and they don’t believe that it was custom built and think it may have been stolen.  They required us to now take the trailer down for a Level 2 inspection, so I had to take a few hours off of work today to take the car in this morning for the Level 2 inspection of this trailer.

This trailer had never been registered and we don’t know who owned it prior to the guy who sold it to us, but this is becoming quite a process to try and get this trailer registered through the DMV so we can have it licensed to be on the road and haul our boat when we get it.  Hopefully this level 2 inspection won’t lead to yet another inspection or some other issues that need to be resolved.

-Justin Germino

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • Bill

    I am having the exact same issue with a 17 foot flatbed. A guy built it, put some crappy house paint on it and decides to sell it. He did not register the trailer either. The guy at DMV tells me that people don’t build trailers that nice. He asked for receipts for the steel, and axles. I reminded him that someone else built it, I cleaned it up. Now I too am headed for a level 2 inspection. He wanted all of my receipts also.