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Dec 21

Spotify Comes to Roku

I have been a Spotify user and a Roku owner for quite a while but now the two have paired with the Spotify Roku channel.  This allows me to listen to my Spotify playlists in the living room or when I am in CA without having to bring and plugin my iPod into a dock.  …

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Jul 03

Spotify Needs Resume for Playlists Feature

As I realized that I now have a mix of audio book playlists and music playlists, one peeve about Spotify is that it has no ability for me to switch from an Audiobook playlist to a music playlist and back resuming where I left off on my audio book.  It has only pause/resume for the …

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Jan 29

Spotify only iPod Touch

Was funny when my wife asked me why there were no songs on my iPod Touch and I told her I use Spotify exclusively for all my music now.  I pretty much don’t load iTunes at all to transfer music anymore to my iPod and only use the iTunes for apps, news, games that I …

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Aug 16

Spotify Best with iPod Touch Android or iPad

Spotify Premium is best if you have an iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone as it doesn’t support offline files on iPod Nano