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Jun 24

IZEA Phasing Out Social Spark, Sponsored Tweets and More

It is about time, but IZEA is finally converting and phasing out all other platforms to consolidate to the IZEA Marketplace which simply offers every sponsored opp capability that the other platforms do, all in a single location and more.  With IZEA Marketplace you can pair up with advertisers to do sponsored posts on your …

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Sep 24

IZEA Media Malware Issues not Fully Resolved Yet

So on late Thursday night / Friday morning last week like many bloggers I woke up to Malware warning errors on my site.  This was reported to me by the 48+ notifications on Facebook by followers and fans and I saw that many of my blogs all had the same issue. At first the error …

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Apr 05

Experimenting with SocialSpark Ads from IZEA

I have told fellow bloggers repeatedly why I have been using the IZEA SocialSpark platform since I started blogging in 2008 as a means to earn from my blogs by doing sponsor review articles.  Recently IZEA has introduced a few new concepts to SocialSpark like "Deals" which create your own branded deal site where you …

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Jul 31

SocialSpark Staff Pick Blog

SocialSpark makes bloggers money online and my technology blog was upgraded to a Staff Pick site recently.

Dec 13

SocialSpark Cuts Over to New System

SocialSpark using the new system and some improvements and recommendations for the new SocialSpark.

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