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Feb 21

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

My youngest son lost his 2nd tooth in three weeks and the tooth fairy comes again with another crisp $5 bill which I am sure he will want to apply either toward Amazon credit for more Kindle Fire apps or possibly toward something else.  The funny thing is we give my son Pizza money for …

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Dec 31

Personal New Years Resolutions

I am going to do a 2 part New Years Resolutions series on my personal blog this time.  Today‚Äôs post is all about my personal resolutions for 2012 and what I hope to aspire, achieve and conquer in the upcoming year. My second post tomorrow will be about my blogging goals for 2012 and center …

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Jan 16

Learning from Mistakes

Take a moment to ponder the cause and effect of different decisions and actions to see if you can mentally role play what would be the best scenario or response to a situation.

Jan 01

My New Years Resolution 2010

Despite the fact that I think people should set a goal anytime of year and try to achieve it, I have set a New Years Resolution for myself.