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Jul 25

Bought a Roku 2 XS Finally

So I don’t know if my readers remembered or not, but we cut back on Dish Network to only minimal channels and receiver only in the main living room to save money.  We then installed Roku XDS boxes in the other rooms so that our kids can watch Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime free video’s and …

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Feb 17

No Netflix Facebook App in US

Netflix unfortunately finds itself in a tough spot trying to get support for allowing their Facebook app in the United States which would allow members to share their recently played movie history to their Facebook timelines.  This app is available in the U.K. and some other countries but is blocked in the U.S. as a …

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Oct 29

Saving Money by Cutting the Cable or Satellite Bill

Using Internet streaming devices like the Roku 2 XDS with Hulu Plus and Netflix can help you cut the satellite bill.

Jan 04

Finding Some New Content with Roku and Netflix

Roku and Netflix allow you to find vast quantities of content to watch from the Internet and there is some excellent content from years past.

Nov 09

Finally Left Blockbuster for Netflix

Netflix instant movie streaming is reason enough why it is worth subscribing over Blockbuster Total Access, it also has cheaper monthly plans.

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