Secret World: Bad Ass Game Trailer

So you get back from a job or something and make a smoothie only to turn around and see this freaky monster staring right at you.  What do you do?

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The Secret World is one of the games I have been dying to join since I started reading about it last year.  Funcom is nearing to release an MMO unlike any other in that it is set in modern times where every conspiracy has truth and monsters lurk in the fabric of our world.

Three factions including Dragon, Illumanti and Templars all have different approaches to how they deal with the conspiracies and interface with society.  Of course I signed up as a Dragon when I joined the games over 500k wait list.

The game reminds me of a Role Playing Game I used to love playing as a kid called Dark Conspiracy.  This is a game I used to play with my brother mostly and is very much what The Secret World reminds me of.

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An RPG/MMO set in modern times, but in The Secret World there are over 500 skill selections and any character can master any number of skills.  You don’t get stuck in one class or another and can dynamically equip your character quest by quest if you need to.

The game also boasts some of the strongest storylines, and you can kill hours just investigating conspiracies and tracking down information, putting clues together.  Of course there are zombie fests and monster hunts and you can join in the political atmosphere as well.

Will The Secret World live up to all the hype?  This game has been in development for a few years now and is supposed to hit beta very soon with full release in April 2012.

Maybe you will be a Templar?

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-Justin Germino

Enjoying The Last of Multiplayer LAN Gaming

Had a good time gaming Warcraft III on the weekend with my 7 year old son and we decided to team up as Night Elves and vs some random easy computer opponents.  It turns out Warcraft III has incredibly difficult computer opponents and even my own RTS game experience is no match for a normal or expert computer.  Two easy opponents however made for some good 1 hour gaming time.


And we had a minor army with level 10 heroes by the time we crushed our opponents.  Warcraft III is still very much playable even though it is a little dated it allows you to play on the LAN, so 1 copy of the game installed on multiple computers is still an option for multiplayer gaming without having to purchase the game more than once.

This is a problem with PC games that connect with STEAM or Games for Windows lately, I like to game with my son and both of us in the house together.  We like multiplayer co-op games and not playing with other people online so much, LAN mode is pretty much gone from games and everything requires a connection to a gaming server.  This requires multiple purchases of the same game, yet if you buy the same game for the Xbox 360, it allows two people to play on the same console split screen, yet you can’t play the same game on 2 PC’s in the same house together without purchasing it twice.

I already have paid for some games 2x just so my son and I can play together, I wasn’t too happy about buying Dawn of War 2 on two machines so we can do campaign coop, but I did it so we can have a good time.  These games are worth the $40 – $50 to play, but $100 just to play with your kid?  It is no wonder why we spend more time looking for free MMO’s like Runes of Magic or Age of Empires Online Beta, when gaming is starting to cost so much.

-Justin Germino