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Apr 08

In the Mood for Poetry

My artistic side wanted to shine through and I churned out about 28 haiku’s and 6 poems in two nights

Apr 09

Do The Best You Can At Everything

Always try to do the best you can at everything you do, you will eventually find your talents and what you are good at.

Feb 27

Drawing Upon Inspiration

I consider myself an artist of sorts, and literature or more specifically poetry is my art form.  I cannot paint, draw or sculpt very well but I can craft imagery with my poetry.  My poems though they might be considered freeform and not “professional” in a style sense they often invoke powerful imagery or emotions …

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Feb 10

Inspirational Blog Found Called ImproveEverywhere

A coworker turned me onto the blog site ImproveEverywhere.com where people run an experimental project and video tape themselves trying to promote joy mixed with a little chaos. The ultimate mission is to make people feel good by doing these public stunts. The one I was shown was called High Five Escalator where 6 people …

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