In the Mood for Poetry

Ironically I was traveling earlier in the week and thought the time spent at night in my hotel room would inspire me to catch up and write some articles for my tech blog but instead I found myself inspired and only interested in writing poetry. 

I literally couldn’t get myself in the mood to write for my tech blog, my artistic side wanted to shine through and I churned out about 28 haiku’s and 6 poems in two nights, most of them queued for my poetry blog but some used for random Twitter or Facebook broadcasts or submitting to other poetry sites and contests.

Here was one I decided to post right here:

Spent Creativity

Maybe fate decides my right

it’s not my choice of what to write

my own hand stills at subjects denied

from my brain itself, creation is pried

so I write with no purpose or intent

until my creativity at last is spent

-Poem by Justin Germino

Okay, make this now 7 poems and 28 haiku’s written in 2 days (most of the haiku’s were typed out on my blackberry on a plane and my thumbs were very sore by the time I was done).

Speaking of poetry, you can now follow @poemwatch on Twitter and friend my poetry specific twitter account.

-Justin Germino

Do The Best You Can At Everything

One thing that has always been my drive in life no matter what I do is that I strive to do the best at anything I undertake.  This drive for perfectionism has left me with many disappointments when I realized that on some subjects and area’s I just simply am not suited or strong in and when that is the case, it is time to find something new.  You never know what you will be able to achieve unless you give something your 100% (there is nothing higher, I always hated the give 110% or 200% saying).

If you are giving your 100% at your job, marriage, parenting or any other responsibilities in your life you will learn more about yourself and can take pride in that you are giving your best effort in whatever you do.  If you choose to slack off why settle even if you could get away with it?

Now if you are genuinely giving 100% and still not reaching satisfaction or success in what you are doing, it may be time to reconsider if there is something different (a unique approach) or something else you are more suited to do.

I realized a long time ago that I am not a very “handy” guy, my natural clumsiness and phobia of heights don’t make me suited to do large home improvement projects or hardware related work.  My lack of artistic skills prevented me from pursing my goal of becoming a painter, sculptor or computer 3D animator.  You learn what you are good at and what you have talent for, and you can only know by doing the best you can at everything you do.  You will find what you are really good at.

-Justin Germino

Drawing Upon Inspiration

I consider myself an artist of sorts, and literature or more specifically poetry is my art form.  I cannot paint, draw or sculpt very well but I can craft imagery with my poetry.  My poems though they might be considered freeform and not “professional” in a style sense they often invoke powerful imagery or emotions and are drawn from that.  My inspiration could come from anything from an event that happens in my life, to a word or conversation someone has with me.  Often my inspiration comes from news or media stories, or even my own brain just having a thought.

Since I started blogging and sharing my poetry with the world I have become more confident and inspired as a writer, I originally had all of my poetry stored in a dusty book on my dresser, where I was hoping it would get published someday.  But sharing it with the world has meant so much more than the few bucks I could have made selling them and only reaching a small handful of people, I regularly have people who play my random twitter poetry game and people look forward to what I will come up with next.

So everyone should have some inspiration or something artistic in their lives, give your mind a creative outlet of any type.  If you enjoy writing, then write whatever you want even if its just for fun or nonsense.  If you want to draw, then draw anything that makes you happy.  Let your creativity out and consider sharing some of it with the world it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you don’t get from it just sitting in your own posession unappreciated and untouched.

Just some of my opinions today.

-Justin Germino

Inspirational Blog Found Called ImproveEverywhere

A coworker turned me onto the blog site where people run an experimental project and video tape themselves trying to promote joy mixed with a little chaos. The ultimate mission is to make people feel good by doing these public stunts.

The one I was shown was called High Five Escalator where 6 people from the team all were in a crowded New York City subway just standing with signs offering a High Five from Rob. It is amazing to see the massive amounts of people walking buy with smiles on their faces from this stunt and Rob received over 2000 High fives in about 45 minutes or so. I have been in the subways and even this station many times, I know that people are grouchy, annoyed and generally in unpleasant moods as they shuffle between subway stations to get to work in the bowels of Manhattan.

This video just put a smile on my face and if you visit their site, they take you behind the scenes on how they setup this stunt. Kudos to this site for doing such public displays, and I am now a fan and will be visiting often.

Just a feel good video:

-Justin Germino