Vornado FA1 Tower Fan

I needed a fan that would circulate air into my office from the hallway, with 3 laptops and a home PC my office was like a furnace and even with my upstairs thermostat set to 76 degrees, my office topped out at 85 easily on most days because of the heat being generated by my computer equipment.

When I saw the Vornado FA1 42″ Tower Fan on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond I decided to pick it up and give it a whirl because my other fan had broke (the power button didn’t work) and I needed a new one anyway.


The fan is very tall and fairly light weight for the size, installing the base wasn’t a big deal you just attach 2 half circles and screw them into the bottom of the fan.  The plastic feel of the circle is the same quality as any other fan and not overly tough, but the fan will not fall over if you bump into it either.


The fan in action provides more air flow vs. any other tower or standing fan I have tested when it is set at the highest setting.  The volume of the fan is comparable to floor fans with the same type of airflow design which isn’t overly loud, but you can have the fan a good distance away and still feel the airflow which helps compensate for noise.  I keep the fan on at night near my bed moving it from my office and can sleep with the fan on full blast without an issue.

The lower settings seem almost a waste because it does pass very little airflow at the lowest settings, the 2nd to highest setting seems to be the best airflow for the volume point.  It does circulate the air very well however and has a wide conical range of airflow that extends and is felt easily 10-12′ away from the fan.

This is the best tower fan I have tested to date, but at it’s price it isn’t cheap.  There are floor fans that can produce more power (some Vornado floor fans have more airflow as well) but they also have a louder volume.  The design and appearance of the fan is one of the better I have seen on a tower fan as well.

Overall if you need a powerful tower fan, I was not disappointed with the Vornado FA1 42″ Tower fan.  It does keep my room much cooler.


Reaching 2000 Fanpage Followers

Was happy with the Dragon Blogger Tech fanpage milestone of reaching 2,000 fans this past weekend.


Contests were the sole driving factor in gathering this many fans in such a short time frame, and the good thing is the drop off rate seems to be faring well.  The fans stay and seem to like various articles though commenting is a little lower than I want on my fan page, I am hoping to boost up interaction a bit more.

The latest video game giveaway is a huge success, and in many ways is a great success than the Kindle Fire Giveaways because it drew in a huge number (nearly 1/2) the amount of entries as the Kindle Fire Giveaway and yet cost only about 1/4 the price of the Kindle Fire.  I also was able to bring in some of the gaming crowd I have been trying to draw to DragonBlogger.com and with us doing no less than 2 video game reviews per week I was hoping to expand my gaming audience.

I am still looking to add more video game reviews to the YouTube channel though these take a lot of time to develop and I may end up having to hire additional content creators for this in the future.

I have seen the amount of traffic Facebook drives to my blog increasing dramatically over the last few months, some of this comes from the Fanpage and I am hoping to continue to see that trend.

-Justin Germino