The Best Pixar Easter Eggs

3d filmPixar is one of the most beloved and promoted production companies of all time. Children, teenagers and adults all flock to cinemas to see the newest animated masterpiece, and are seldom disappointed. Along with delivering original, entertaining and beautifully animated films, Pixar also strives to maintain a “Pixar culture”. One of the ways they achieve their culture is by carefully placing dozens of “Easter Eggs” into each and every film. While these are inside jokes for the Pixar team, they provide an exciting scavenger hunt for its loyal fans. Here are five of the best Pixar Easter Eggs to appear (however briefly) throughout the fourteen recently released Pixar films.

5. Andy’s Friends

Unlike the rest of the Easter Eggs on this list, this specific Egg is a one-off find, but it is also one of the most heartwarming Eggs that Pixar has incorporated to date. In Toy Story 3, a postcard can be seen on Andy’s bulletin board (tucked behind a college acceptance letter) from Carl and Ellie Fredrickson, the married couple that brought full-fledged adults to tears in cinemas in Up! Viewers are never told the nature of Andy’s relationship with the Fredricksons, but the placement of his postcard suggests that they were very important in his life.

4. “Buy and Large” and “Dinoco”

With each film, the Pixar universe becomes a little more developed as its own world, and the repeated use of two fictional companies strengthens this perception. “Buy and Large” is a fictional mega-company in the Pixar universe that first appeared in Wall-E as the company that sold, well, everything. It has since been seen in Up! and Toy Story 3. The oil company “Dinoco” was first spotted as a gas station in Toy Story and has been used in both Cars installments, as well as briefly in Wall-E.

3. Boo’s Toys

At the very end of Monster’s Inc., Boo gives three of her toys away to Scully before he leaves her. If viewers overlook the pain in their hearts at this scene, they can spot three Easter Eggs at once. The toys Boo gives away are: the Luxo ball, a Jessie cowgirl doll, and a Nemo clownfish toy. The Luxo ball is an identifiable Easter Egg from many Pixar shorts and features, which fans happily look for in each story. Jessie is obviously from Toy Story 2, and a nice homage to the film. The most interesting one, however, is the Nemo clownfish toy. Why? Because Finding Nemo was still two years away from being released when Monster’s Inc was released.

2. The Pizza Planet Truck

In Toy Story,audiences were first introduced to the delicious arcade/restaurant known as Pizza Planet, and subsequently introduced to the iconic Pizza Planet delivery truck. With the exception of The Incredibles, that same truck has appeared in every Pixar feature film production. Despite its easily recognizable features, the truck is one of the more difficult Easter Eggs to spot, and is therefore a particular treasure to be found by Pixar Easter Egg hunters. Where can you find it? Parked outside the trailer that appears in both A Bug’s Life and Monster’s Inc., driving over the Seine in Ratatouille, and as a wood carving in the car-less Brave.

1. A113

Perhaps the most famous of Pixar’s Easter Egg – and deservedly so. It appears in every Pixar film.  “A113” refers to a classroom at CalArts, the alma mater of John Lasseter, Brad Bird and many other Pixar team members. Although used by many alumni, Pixar and not, the code is synonymous with Pixar Easter Eggs and is eagerly sought out by Pixar enthusiasts upon new releases. Where can you find it? A license plate in Toy Story, the directive code in Wall-E, and in Roman Numerals in Brave – just to name a few.Donna is a geeky kid at heat. She works at Edictive as a network and marketing manager and loves working in creative film industry.

Planned Attractions at Disney World that Were Never Made

Disney World is a magical place for all who visit, parents and children alike. Over the years it has grown and expanded into the park we know and love today. While all the classics are still there: your favorite Disney resorts, the teacups, and Splash Mountain, there have been many planned attractions over the years that never became a reality. Find out what big plans were made for Disney World that did not work out in the end.


Additional Countries in the Epcot World Showcase

The pavilion in Epcot that features 11 countries for you to travel through is one of the park’s most popular attractions. The park currently features Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the American Adventure, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, and Japan—but there were almost six more. When World Showcase was being advertised before its official opening there was mention of sections for Israel and Spain. The Spain section was going to have a boat ride similar to the Mexico ride and would have blended the experiences of its two largest cities, Barcelona and Madrid. There also have been, over the years, plans to add Russia, Switzerland, Venezuela, and the United Arab Emirates. There also was talk at a time of adding an Equatorial Africa section to the World Showcase but since the opening of Animal Kingdom these plans have been dropped.

Animal Kingdom

There were plans for a section of Animal Kingdom called “Beastly Kingdom” that would have explored animals of myths and legends. The area would have rounded out the vision for the Animal Kingdom Park which is supposed to focus on animals from today, animals that once existed but are now extinct, and animals from the imagination. The area would have featured rides and attractions involving dragons, unicorns, and other mythical beings. This project was eventually abandoned, citing budget cuts. The area is now Camp Minnie-Mickey and the remaining land will become a part of the planned Avatar Land.

Experience the Wonder That Is There

While you may not be able to visit the places that never worked out when staying at one of the fabulous Disney resorts, there is still so much to see and do. There will also be the added pleasure of the expanded and soon to open Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom that is sure to be a treat. Disney is truly the most magical place on Earth, which is why you should plan your next family vacation to become part of the magic.

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Bought a Roku 2 XS Finally

So I don’t know if my readers remembered or not, but we cut back on Dish Network to only minimal channels and receiver only in the main living room to save money.  We then installed Roku XDS boxes in the other rooms so that our kids can watch Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime free video’s and save the money from paying for extra receiver feeds.  It has worked out stupendously, we even use a Roku XDS in our property in CA where I have no live TV at all and no cable or satellite bill (only Broadband).

Well the kids had been making do with just a DVD player in their bedroom, so I decided to pick up a Roku 2 XS since I had some Amazon credit and wanted more options for shows so they could watch Nature, Discovery shows and such while they were in bed time mode.

The Roku 2 XS is the first Roku 2 model I bought and the main reason I chose the Roku 2 XS is the fact that it supports USB as the other models don’t, and I have tons of TV shows on DVD that were bought and I can rip to USB video files to play on the Roku 2 XS.

It also has the motion controller and comes with Angry Birds which the kids were excited about as having that as an extra option.  The Roku XS had some reports of sluggishness, out of memory issues but I didn’t experience any of those things setting it up in my kids bedroom (this is the 3rd Roku now in this house, the 4th one I have bought in the past 2 years).


I have been very happy with the Roku company and it’s devices over the years, I am just wishing that more channels with live News (CNN local) would be available, and actually I have more beef with Netflix not adding new content frequently enough than with anything else.

-Justin Germino

Do You Prefer Movies with Happy Endings?

Generally I am one of those movie goers who gets lost in a film, I become part of the story and follow along without really thinking about anything but what is happening in the film.  I am one of the rare people who gets engrossed in movies and don’t like to engage in conversation, never check my blackberry, iPad or multitask when watching movies which is ironic because I multitask with nearly every other thing I do in my life.

I watch a movie for the escapism some would say, so when I generally watch a film it can leave me with lasting impressions in some cases and a really good or thought provoking film could actually make me think and dwell on it for several hours or even slightly change my point of view or way of thinking to some degree.

I have a tendency to like optimism and movies where things work out for the better in the end, but I also occasionally like being jarred with a real, or unpredictable ending that leaves you scratching your head or saying “That’s F*cked up” to the TV screen as the end credits start rolling.

Recently been seeing a few movies that have just “drop” endings and in these cases they both had similar endings for two completely different movies.

Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell was a good movie and captured a man’s life falling apart as a result of his drinking addiction pretty well.  Without spoiling it I will just say the ending fits in the category of leaving you scratching your head a little.

Stone which is movie with Edward Norton and Robert De Niro is another intense film that in a way is about a man’s life falling apart and leaves with a similar if even less optimistic future at the end of the film.

By far though the movie that I found to this day has one of the most unexpected and disturbing endings is Stephen King’s The Mist, which had you literally saying “I can’t believe that happened” and you literally can’t believe the movie took that direction and ended the way it did.  This one stands out and has one of the most original if not horrific endings out of any movie I have ever seen.  Not that the movie was great, it was a good movie if you like Stephen King’s old school monster type movies, but the ending just really stuck with you.

For me, how a movie reaches it’s climax and ends is what sticks with me and has a lasting impression.

So, for my readers out there which type of movie do you prefer?  One with a happy ending that closes all loose ends relatively neatly or one that shocks you or shatters your expectations?

-Justin Germino

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New Blog Traffic Milestones

Thanks to one of my writers covering all the hype around Pottermore, reached it’s highest single day traffic of all time on Monday August 8th 2011, with a total # of 9,274 unique visits for a single day.


This continues the trend of growth and I have had two spikes of over 5k unique visits recently with both articles centered around Pottermore.  This adds to the site in the Entertainment genre as it was previously dominated by technology or blogging related articles and finally has some more entertainment related articles (somewhat related to Internet) taking front and center.

I am edging closer to the goal of reaching 100k unique visitors per month by January 2012 on and have been averaging over 60k unique visitors per month the last two months so far.  If this trend continues and can be maintained I should be able to reach 100k unique visits in a single month by October.

I still am seeking ways to expand revenue for the site as I have lost a significant revenue stream when my site was penalized from a PR4 to a PR2.  AdSense doesn’t increase in a profitable enough ratio to the number of increased visits only increasing by an average of $2-3 bucks per extra thousand visits per day which isn’t a lot of money.

My goal was to have my technology blog bring in $1,000 per month in steady revenue by January 2012, but I still struggle to meet this goal and even after reaching over $900 in revenue for June 2011, the sharp drop to less than $600 in revenue in July means I have to find additional income sources or risk not meeting my goals.

-Justin Germino