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Aug 06

The Best Pixar Easter Eggs

Pixar Easter Eggs to appear (however briefly) throughout the fourteen recently released Pixar films.

Nov 21

Planned Attractions at Disney World that Were Never Made

A look at several attractions at Disney World that never fully developed

Jul 25

Bought a Roku 2 XS Finally

So I don’t know if my readers remembered or not, but we cut back on Dish Network to only minimal channels and receiver only in the main living room to save money.  We then installed Roku XDS boxes in the other rooms so that our kids can watch Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime free video’s and …

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Sep 22

Do You Prefer Movies with Happy Endings?

Do you prefer movies with happy endings or shocking endings that shake up your expectations?

Aug 12

New Blog Traffic Milestones

DragonBlogger.com reached it’s highest single day traffic of all time on Monday August 8th 2011

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