All My Son Wants is the Original Guild Wars for His Birthday

My oldest son’s birthday is coming up this Friday and he has been asking for a long time to get Guild Wars 1 for his birthday and wanting to dive into the origins of the original Guild Wars game and see how it compared to the sequel. The idea of having to hunt and capture skills and elite skills by questing appealed to him and he didn’t take to the living world and way Guild Wars 2 presented quests though he loves the game he doesn’t like the skill acquisition and limitations and would have preferred to find and acquire a wider variety of skills that can be used with weapons rather than each weapon having it’s own skills you can unlock very quickly and early on.

Also his wish was for a copy of the game for me to have and play with him, I found that over the years my boys and I have developed such a close gaming relationship, I almost feel lost and bored when I am not gaming with them and they always have a better time when I am gaming with them as well. Though we all have differences of what our favorites games are and I play as much Minecraft as I can with them it never is enough.

My youngest son Oliver spent an hour playing Guild Wars 2 with me on my birthday not because he loves the game as much as me but because he wanted to do something with me that I wanted to do for my birthday, we had a good time leveling his guardian up 2 levels in his personal story quests while my Gorghost character who is a Charr Necromancer hit level 53 and will likely be the first character I bring to level 80.

So I decided to get all 3 of us a copy of the Original Guild Wars on Friday which is my son’s birthday. The funny thing is I remember when my oldest who turns 10 was just a baby and I used to play the original Guild Wars back then, with his little bouncy chair and I used to rock him at night to help him sleep while I gamed late into the wee hours of the morning.

They grow up so fast.

Youngest Son Turns 5 Today

Today is my youngest sons 5th birthday and he is very excited and looking forward to opening his presents when he gets home from school.  We took him to an early Birthday movie to see Puss N’ Boots on the weekend which the whole family loved and tonight we will celebrate dinner at Peter Piper Pizza (kids love the arcades, Pizza is just so-so).

My son recently learned that his brother used to record audio poetry with me years back and wanted to do his own collaboration with me so we published his poem today on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry where he helped me create the poem and read it aloud last week.

You can listen to him read Hating Bugs here and let him know what you thought of it.

-Justin Germino

Oldest Boy Turns 8 Today

Today is my oldest boy’s birthday and he turned 8 years old today.  He is a great kid who has a passion for computer games, bug hunting and wrestling/sword fighting with his dad (Nerf N-Force swords).

He is so much like me probably because he is a Libra born October 4th and I was born on September 29th, but in his mannerisms and his likes.  I am very proud of him and hope he likes the gift we got him (it was a new bicycle since he didn’t really have one) and we are taking him to Peter Piper Pizza with some game tokens to celebrate after school.

Being a father and a parent is one of the greatest things in my life and I really truly live for my kids in the hopes that I can inspire them to become the best at whatever they want to be when they grow up. 

Wishing my boy a Happy 8th birthday, and watching him grow and learn over the years.  It won’t be long before he starts his own blog and YouTube channel I imagine as he has been asking for a  while and I want him to make sure his handwriting is solid before he does so much typing, I know because I have horrible handwriting since all I do is type myself.

-Justin Germino

34th Birthday is Here

So today is my 34th Birthday and much like the middle years this isn’t really a major milestone to celebrate.  I find myself contemplating all of the things I had hoped to accomplish by 34 and found that I had a lot to be proud of though there are many goals I need to set for myself.

Most of all I didn’t even take today off of work so will feel like a normal day instead.  The cool thing is my son turns 8 next week and we are celebrating our combined birthday at Benihana’s this Sunday which is one of his favorite places.

Mostly I am just looking forward to fall break in early October where the whole family will spend some time in our Beach Cottage (what we call it) and just escape the hot Arizona weather and enjoy some time at the beach and in SoCal.

It will be a partial working vacation for me as I can’t take the entire week off of work.

My favorite cake is Blueberry Cheesecake, and maybe I will have one of those to celebrate tonight or this weekend.  Other than that I am looking forward to Might and Magic Heroes VI which will be my birthday gift but the game doesn’t release until mid October (though I will be getting the early playable Beta which has a few levels).

-Justin Germino

Happy Birthday to my Wife

Today’s is my wife’s birthday and to celebrate we are taking her out to Benihana’s for dinner and to see Cars 2 tonight which happens to open today.  The kids are excited and I know my wife is really most looking forward to the combined birthday/Anniversary vacation we have coming up which is our Rome, Italy vacation and cruise which is approaching rapidly.


I won’t dare disclose ages as I know women hate that, I will say however that my wife is as lovely and fair as the day we have met and though she complains about getting older I only see her as more beautiful than ever before.

She is probably going to kill me for posting a picture of her on my blog, but wish my wife a Happy Birthday along with me!

-Justin Germino