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Oct 02

All My Son Wants is the Original Guild Wars for His Birthday

My oldest son’s birthday is coming up this Friday and he has been asking for a long time to get Guild Wars 1 for his birthday and wanting to dive into the origins of the original Guild Wars game and see how it compared to the sequel. The idea of having to hunt and capture …

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Nov 08

Youngest Son Turns 5 Today

Today is my youngest sons 5th birthday and he is very excited and looking forward to opening his presents when he gets home from school.  We took him to an early Birthday movie to see Puss N’ Boots on the weekend which the whole family loved and tonight we will celebrate dinner at Peter Piper …

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Oct 04

Oldest Boy Turns 8 Today

Today is my oldest boy’s birthday and he turned 8 years old today.  He is a great kid who has a passion for computer games, bug hunting and wrestling/sword fighting with his dad (Nerf N-Force swords). He is so much like me probably because he is a Libra born October 4th and I was born …

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Sep 29

34th Birthday is Here

So today is my 34th Birthday and much like the middle years this isn’t really a major milestone to celebrate.  I find myself contemplating all of the things I had hoped to accomplish by 34 and found that I had a lot to be proud of though there are many goals I need to set …

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Jun 24

Happy Birthday to my Wife

Happy Birthday to my wife as we all intend to celebrate with dinner and a movie tonight.