Switched from Feedblitz back to Feedburner

Yes Google is killing Google Reader and the writing on the wall is Feedblitz may be the next service that Google kills, they already killed AdSense for Feeds previously.  However I was paying $9.98 for Feedblitz service and never had more than 500 subscribers, barely sent out any newsletters for it and after paying for a whole year I decided that it was not providing a good enough return on investment to continue paying Feedblitz for my mailing RSS feed any longer.


I just am not leveraging my RSS email subscribers as a mailing list and barely take advantage of my SimplyCast mailing newsletter, so it is a service I can’t pay for. I originally switched to Feedblitz because Feedburner was having feed issues with my images/content exceeding the header size limits, but I have since converted to partial posts (excerpt) in feed and shouldn’t run into that limitation anymore. 

That $9.98 per month is better to put toward another service and recently I did start up the Triberr plan for $10 per month to see how that works at growing my social media engagement for the site, will report if the ROI is worth it in a few months of testing that service.  I have been a Triberr user for a long time, but this is the first few months I have paid for a premium plan other than buying some bones previously when the system used to use bones.

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  • Hey Justin! I’ve been using Feedburner for about 3 years now. Any concern that Google will kill it off as well? Especially since the APIs have been depricated and AdSense has been shut down on its feeds?

    • Yes, I am concerned Google will kill Feedburner, I think it may be a matter of time. Do you know any free feed services to compete with Feedburner though?

      • I agree with you. There’s no other free option that compares to Feedburner, so I’m just curious where the future of Feed delivery will be.

        • Right, it isn’t like the WordPress default /feed doesn’t work, it works just fine, it just doesn’t provide very good analytics whatsoever and has very limited tracking for subscribers.

          • You’re right. In fact, throughout my own thought process on this matter, and even this discussion, I never once even thought about the WP default feed, much less considered it as an option. Not sure if that says something about me or the feed…. 🙂

          • Feedburner is so ingrained as the standard, people don’t even remember that they have to set their WordPress feed as the one that Feedburner uses to share with readers 🙂