Running with the Charr in Guild Wars 2

Last weekend my son and I decided to start up some new Charr characters and test out some classes we haven’t previously been, I chose the Guardian class while he chose the Warrior class.  I had a Necromancer, Ranger and Thief already.


Rykard Parker was born and it didn’t take too long to level him up to Level 11, only about a few days of play.  I did find that you can get a lot of money really fast if you are lucky enough to find an unidentified dye and I don’t care much about dye colors for my secondary characters so I am quick to sell them on the Black Market trading post where you can get over 10 silver for a single unidentified dye sometimes.

I also go into the crafting pretty early on as you can just gain levels by crafting so take the time to collect the ore, wood and herbs so you can sell them.  Don’t forget to sell your collections they are shared in your bank across all characters as well this helps give you funding to add up currency.

My Charr guardian is slow, but is a massive force in combat and his ability to teleport to his foe, set them on fire and then strike with a whirlwind of attacks with his two handed sword is a devastating intro move into most battles that usually wins me minor combats immediately.

imageOverall out of all the games I have played in 2012, Guild Wars 2 continues to be the one that impresses me the most and keeps me wanting to come back and play more.

Guild Wars 2
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