Really, Technorati Issues Again?

Technorati flagged both this blog (justingermino.com) and my poetry blog (wandererthoughts.com) and I can’t claim them.  The same thing happened to my dragonblogger.com blog last week and I got it resolved after posting in the forum and waiting for support.

So again I opened another case in the forum and am waiting to hear back from them, wonder why they have an automatic flagging system that seems to trip so easily?

  • Update

I want to mention that Technorati support contacted me within only a few hours of this post and explained that they flag blogs for review when they find multiple sites using the same Google Adsense ID.  I do use the same Adsense account across all four of my blogs so that my pool grows quicker.  Technorati re-instated my blog and my Wanderer Thoughts blog jumped from an Authority Rating of 2 to 10 so there is lots of activity with that blog.

-Justin Germino

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  • Hello! My name is Janice; I am a Customer Support Specialist here at Technorati. I took a look at your blogs and it looks like they were flagged for review. Because we see a lot a spam coming in, we put rules into place that flag sites that exhibit spammy behavior; things like using the same adsense ID across multiple blogs. Your blogs fell into this case. I’ve reviewed your blogs and have made the adjustments so that they should now appear in searches and are indexed for their most recent posts. Thank you for using Technorati!