Random Twitter Poetry Game Participation Drops

Not sure the exact reasons but at some point I had a peak participation rate of 15-20 submissions per day for my Random Twitter Poetry game with my Twitter account back when I had about 3000-6000 followers.

Random Twitter Poetry game works like this:

Every hour between 7am and 12pm I would tweet to my followers asking for 1 word for my Random Twitter Poetry game.

In this game I would craft a new and original poem (on my lunch break or after work) and include all words played in that day’s poem.  I had done over 500+ poems for this game over the past 3 years this way.

[Click to See how I create a twitter poem]

Now, as I was saying I used to average 15 – 20 submissions per day, but since reaching about 11k followers or maybe just in the last 30 days or so, the participation rate has dropped quite a bit and getting about 5-8 words per day even with 2-3x the number of followers I used to have.

So either my following is more interested in my blogging / technology and has less interest in my poetry site, or my tweets are getting lost or less people who used to play are active on Twitter (maybe a combination of the 3).

I am considering switching the Random Twitter Poetry game which Dragon Blogger was known for doing for 3 years now to my @poemwatch account which is poetry specific and only follows other poets.  Not sure if this is a good idea but I did retweet some word submission requests with this account to @DragonBlogger with mixed results.

Another option I tried was doubling my calls for words 2x per hour from 7am to 12pm and this worked 1 day and brought in 22 word submissions, but not sure if I am “over-tweeting” to get participation and this will annoy more of my followers.

Either way, I still enjoy crafting poems with the random words played setting the theme and mood of the poems.

-Justin Germino

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