Nov 17

Disney Infinity 2.0 Needs More Official Adventure Modules

Disney Infinity 2.0 is shaping up to be incredible and we bought the playset game for my son for his 8th birthday earlier this month in addition to some extra characters like Groot and Rocket Racoon.  The only problem was after the release of Big Hero 6 my son was desperate to have Baymax for Disney Infinity 2.0 and he was released, well his Grandma had given him some birthday cash and he bought both Hiro and Baymax with it.

Herein lies the problem, the characters are for Toybox mode only and are incompatible with any of the story modules or adventure packs released for Disney Infinity 2.0 thus far, so my son can’t play his favorite character on any of the Marvel Mission packs which are limited to Marvel action heroes only.  And while he does play the Toybox mode creating his own street scapes and dropping baddies everywhere and we have tried downloading a variety of community content which all has issues of one form or another, mostly with character angles and not being designed well for flying characters it leaves him unable to truly feel like Baymax can play an adventure that is high quality and designed by the company.

I think Disney really needs to ramp up and release DLC content adventures for Disney Infinity 2.0 even if they are $1.99 or $2.99 per week you can get a solid 10 hours of play time per adventure module that supports all of the characters, or even chapters that follow stories/adventures from the movies this would be something totally worth it.  So at this time, we are stuck waiting for more official content or some better community content to be released that will allow him to play Baymax or Hiro on some official adventures and stories.

So far I will say that Disney Infinity has Infinite potential but Disney needs to ramp up official adventures and story quests not just action figures as there is too small an audience creating community content.




Nov 06

Teliad is now SeedingUp: Earn Some Income with Your Blog

So Teliad was a program that I used to monetize my sites periodically and now they are being branded as SeedingUp which is appropriate if you think about the primary goal of the site is for advertisers to buy “seeds” or links on target sites.

One of the things about SeedingUp is how many options you have in offering potential advertising or leasing spots on your site compared to other similar programs.  You can offer sponsored posts, general advertisements, video marketing, infographics, press releases, text links, in post links and even presell an entire page.  You generally register your site and the program works with you on estimating value to provide rates that are fair but won’t scare off your advertisers.

Now most bloggers have a very hard time monetizing blogs, unless you are a direct affiliate marketer pitching either your own products or a really niche re-marketer of existing affiliate products it can be very hard to monetize a blog, sometimes you just don’t get the traffic to bring in banner ad income or passive Amazon affiliate income to earn enough to meet your goals.  This is where occasional partnerships in these programs can help but they always come at a risk and a price.  You can see though that I think the prices are fair for a decent blog, and are in line with my own direct advertising sales rates for a sponsored post.








These are two different blogs listed in the SeedingUp System, what you should know is that SeedingUp does payout via Paypal every month which is good, though when they re-branded, you are paid in SeedingUp credit and have to cash it out to a PayPal payment now instead of just automatically being paid out to PayPal with Teliad.

The payments are split over 12 months, so you will get equal monthly payments and this is both good and bad, it provides a steady trickle stream of income and if you have a few opps sold you can get a steady $50 or $100 per month just for hosting a few sponsored opps over the full year, vs the 1x higher payout which some may have preferred, but it has advantages to streaming too and keep some reliable income coming in.

You can choose to have NoFollow links with sponsored blog posts in many cases, this is of value if you want to remain Google ToS complaint, but with many of the offerings they are still trying to get the benefits of a DoFollow backlink, know you are getting into this and run the risk of a Google PageRank penalty if you are going to accept sponsored offerings in exchange for letting the advertiser have a dofollow link.  You are not Google ToS compliant, and the program uses a variety of mechanisms to try to avoid flagging direct advertisers but ultimately this is a fine line in my opinion.

The safest and non-Google penalty way to use the system is NoFollow only options for all opps which are far less frequent than DoFollow ones, but the worst that can happen is your PR is stripped to 0 and if you aren’t monetizing or making any money from your site now and need to monetize a little, it may be worth the risk.  I will give you a prime example, my poetry blog makes 0 income from blog posts, brands don’t care about a poetry blog, they care that it has a decent PageRank, so in that case I will be okay with hosting a link on my footer or sidebar or inside a poem as a footnote just to help keep operational costs running.

If you haven’t looked at SeedingUp yet and you run various personal blogs that are not affiliate marketing sites, you may want to consider a little bit of monetization, I will say if you have a PR3 or higher your odds of getting offers are better, but I did get offers when my sites were PR2 as well.  PR0 and PR1 you pretty much won’t see any opps from my experience.

Oct 24

ATT CL2939 Line In Use with MagicJack Plus

Quite a while ago I had a Line In Use problem on my phone with the MagicJack which was fixed with replacing the MagicJack  but I do have a new Line In Use problem that shows up with my AT&T CL2939 phone with the Magic Jack Plus when it is plugged into an outlet and directly into the router.

Yet if I have my MagicJack Plus plugged into the USB port of the PC the Line In Use immediately goes away.  I also noticed this appears to be an issue with the phone more than the Magic Jack because if I unplug the phone cable, the phone will say Line In Use no matter what even when nothing is plugged into it.

From what I read this seems like a voltage detection issue and perhaps the phone got too much voltage, or damaged, it is just weird how MagicJack Plus only when in USB will work but not when A/C outlet, tried 4 different AC outlets and cables.  It seems to send more voltage to the phone when it is plugged into USB or something.

Because the phone does it no matter what even when nothing is plugged into it, I simply plug in MagicJack while it is in USB and the Line in Use goes away, then I unplug phone cord from phone, and Line In Use comes back.  Replaced batteries, as some said if battery is low it could cause issue and no luck there.

I likely will end up buying a replacement phone, but this tells me that the Line In Use problem may not always be a MagicJack issue but can also end up being a phone issue as well.

Oct 10

Why I Still Recommend Blog Engage and Affiliate Lights

I have had numerous people ask me if I still recommend Blog Engage over the years, and I have to say that I do still recommend it for many in certain circumstances.  First of all not only do I love the Affiliate Lights program which allows you to earn fantastic recurring commissions as a blogger and online entrepreneur I like the Blog Engage RSS Syndication service, but you will find I like it for different reasons than some other bloggers.

You Want Blog Engage If You Are A Blogger

First I will tell you that Blog Engage is slanted to be more beneficial for those who are in the Blogging, SEO and Social Media as well as online affiliate and entrepreneurial niches.  The site has “Blog Engage” in it and you will find many experienced bloggers who are more than happy to share advice, feedback and critique your site so that you can optimize, tweak and get a design down that will work for you.  The Blog Engage Facebook group is still a great place to go to get information and feedback and chatting with other bloggers live on the Blog Engage system will yield you some networking and contacts you may not find out on your own just searching.

Bloggers tend to be more reciprocal in helping share content for a share in Blog Engage, they tend to also be more interested in leaving comments when they visit your article if they are part of Blog Engage (again this is my experience, because there are bloggers in this network, bloggers see the value of comments more than casual readers so are more likely to leave comments on an article after they read it and more likely to share it on social media than non-blogger visitors).

Because many of the bloggers know each other, if you earn the respect of one of the more experienced bloggers and they share your article you will likely get the attention and notice of other bloggers as well.  I have not seen any judgement or apathy toward new bloggers trying to get their own little space of the Internet in an overly crowded market.

Video Bloggers

YouTube Videos are notoriously hard to get views and attention on if you aren’t creating super wacky and viral content that is more entertainment than informative.  Blog Engage with YouTube syndication can help get your video content more reach and your video helps establish an identity with readers putting a face to a name and style in a way that written content doesn’t always effectively do.

Blog Engage helps raise awareness for my videos and actually helps with visibility to my YouTube content even more than my technology blog over the past several months which is of huge benefit to me as I am growing very rapidly in the video space and more brands I work with want to see video productions made with their products.

This does translate into more video views, and while as a tech blog my articles may not grab the attention of other bloggers in the system like Blogging, SEO and Social Media sites do, hence I get usually less than 1,000 visits per month from Blog Engage for DragonBlogger, I do get hundreds of extra video views on my YouTube videos which is very beneficial.

I still see Blog Engage providing the most value to eager bloggers who are not yet established, this is a way to really jumpstart your content especially if you write high quality content that adds value to the community it will get you traffic boosts and attention early on.  But like anyone in any system, don’t write generic overview content that respouts the same garbage over and over, be unique, have personality and write about very current and recent trends that you have researched and know about.  Don’t look like a noob and write about Panda updates if you really don’t know anything about them and you are just parroting what you read somewhere, focus on testing something and researching and learning and sharing what you learn and you will get benefit from Blog Engage and provide value to your readers in general.

Oh, and you can actually make some darn good earnings from promoting Blog Engage too, I almost as much per month from Affiliate Light as I do from AdSense on my blogs and this is recurring subscription earnings too!

Join Blog Engage RSS Syndication and start having your content syndicated across multiple sites and social media channels today!

Join Affiliate Lights Now, Sign Up For Free and start earning recurring commissions by promoting a service that only helps others syndicate their content so they get more audience and potential eyes viewing their content.

Oct 09

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablets

Better late than never but Amazon brings it with it’s Fire HD Kids Edition Tablets which come in both 6″ and 7″ versions where the rubberized case fully protects the Kindle Fire HD and Amazon offers a 2 year no questions asked warranty if the product cracks, breaks or is otherwise damaged you get it replaced.


The Fire HD Kids Edition tablet also comes with 1 full year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which gives a ton of content for kids to play, read and watch, over 5,000 pieces of content according to Amazon at this time.  You can also create profiles set play time limits and the Fire HD Kids Edition has full camera and video support.

It comes in Blue, Green or Pink and honestly I think is a fantastic choice for a child 6 or under, this gives the more power and more apps, movies and TV show content than any other kid friendly tablet and the warranty is just phenomenal.

Now at $149 for the 6″ version you can get cheaper tablets, but you are unlikely to find any other tablet that gives you that much free content for a year (Books, Movies, TV Shows with such easy access) as well as support a 2 year warranty against damages.  However, I would say that if your child is over 7, then a full Kindle Fire HDX at $179 with a nice protective case would be a better choice because it would have more content and open up more for them to do with it.

Overall though the Fire HD Kindle Tablet appears to be another great product by Amazon targeting younger kids and helping them wean out of infant tablets for toddlers into an intermediate tablet that doesn’t skimp on power or functionality.  The fact that this tablet comes with Bluetooth support and 1280×800 resolution is also a great deal as most cheap tablets are 1024×768 resolution and many don’t include Bluetooth in the lowest price range.

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