Aug 02

Lightning USB Cables at Great Prices

Anker is one of my favorite brands for external battery packs and other mobile accessories, their Astro 3 2nd Generation is one of the best portable power banks you can buy.  So when I saw that they now offer Apple certified Lightning cables at a better price than even the Amazon Lightning cables I was thrilled.


I never have enough lighting cables, and now I have all these old iPad charging cables and don’t feel like buying an adapter that is more expensive than just buying new cables.  The Anker Lighting Cable costs just $12.99 on Amazon right now.  Which is nearly $5 cheaper per cable than the Apple ones and a little cheaper than the Amazon ones directly.  They also have a smaller plug on the iPhone 5S/iPad Air side, so unlike the Amazon ones which have a thicker head which may not fit through some case holes for your Lightning Charging port, this one will fit any hole that the standard iOS lightning charger would fit.

If you need another Lightning USB Charging Cable then the Anker Lighting USB charging cable is a sure thing and saves you a few bucks compared to buying the more expensive Apple one and the smaller head around the lightning plug makes it more versatile than the AmazonBasics one which I do own and have had trouble plugging them in through some iPhone 5S cases before.

Aug 01

Making Sure Your WordPress Plugins are Current

Some hosting providers offer auto updates of WordPress and plugins under certain conditions but usually they lag too long, for instance I got a notice from Bluehost and HostMonster that they were going to update the Disqus and AIO SO Pack WordPress plugins due to security vulnerabilities yet this announcement is weeks late (better late than never) and I had already been running the newest versions since the day they were released.  WordPress itself since it hosts plugins in the repository can do a little more to alert users about WordPress plugins, for instance, you know at least 1 plugin needs to be updated when you log into your dashboard and you see.


But I know way too many WordPress users and clients who never bother to notice and even check to update these plugins, I have logged into  some clients where they have outdated versions years old as they write posts with Writer but never actually log into dashboard, or static sites that may not add new content and just leave it alone for long periods of time. 

An auto update feature should exist with logging, this should be something offered by the hosting provider or WordPress in my opinion.  A flag that you can say "auto update plugins when updates are available" and choose a time slot.  There is a slim chance that plugin updates can cause issues or problems with the theme or site itself, but these are less likely than a security vulnerability which could have someone take over your site or turn it into a tool to attack other sites without you even noticing that something is amiss.

Security Patching and updates must be common place, assume you will patch constantly and always check your WordPress daily or as frequently as possible for patches and patch to the latest version of plugin as well as WordPress itself.  Also it is important to make sure you are using some sort of WordPress security protection whether it is a plugin or Incapsula which I prefer, this will help block and prevent attacks, malicious bots and attempts from compromising your WordPress site. 

Jul 31

Custom Built Media Center PC from MakeUseOf

So my Custom Built Media Center PC that I won from MakeUseOf arrived yesterday and I was excited to power it up and make sure everything worked properly, this is a light weight system that is ideal as a home media entertainment hub though it can function as a secondary computer in the home being that it has a fair amount of power and ram to power most low end games and do browsing and other application/Internet stuff.

It came pre-loaded with Ubuntu and here is some pictures of it all including some screen captures of the specs.  This now makes one of the biggest items I have won from one of the dozens of online giveaways that I enter per month.  Sometimes you just shotgun and enter as many as possible and once in a while you just get lucky.


Thanks to for randomly selecting me as the winner and sending me the prize.  I originally didn’t notice the winning announcement since my buddy Iggy actually pointed out that my name was listed as a winner on the giveaway page, and I checked and was like “HOLY CRAP” I really did win.

media-pc-specs (1)media-pc-specs (2)media-pc-specs (3)media-pc-specs (4)media-pc-specs (5)

Jul 25

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramus Released

Played Curse of Naxxramus the day it release for Hearthstone, but found that once I got past the login issues and severe slow downs the content was relatively easy to beat on it’s normal mode, taking about 1/2 hour and then beating the 2 bonus matches in about another 15 minutes.  The heroic battles I found were near impossible however and I have yet to beat a single heroic battle.Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.24.2014.13.19.53Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.24.2014.13.20.01Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.24.2014.13.19.49

Meanwhile it is just under 2 weeks until the next chapter releases and this gives people time to save up the daily reward and get the 700gp cost it will take to unlock each chapter if you don’t want to pay cash to unlock the chapters that is.

Have you played Curse of Naxxramus yet?  Did you get stuck on any of the challenges?  What are some of your new favorite cards?

Jul 21

Unboxing and Thoughts on the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

So this weekend I was playing the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition starter pack and noted some obvious differences betweent this edition and previous editions of the game, I can’t say if this version is better yet because I only have a sample of the rules and there isn’t enough information to really create characters in the starter edition but I can say some of the differences and my initial impressions so far.

See my Unboxing of the 5th Edition Starter Set

First from the characters I can tell you that the system of advantages and disadvantages is kind of fun, the fact that you can roll 2 D20′s and have to pick the highest or lowest depending on advantage or disadvantage gives you as special extra boost or bane if you are in a situation. This helps when a rogue in stealth gets to make an advantage attack roll and gain that sneak attack damage, but also when you have lucky skill and roll a 1 which happened far too often which this dice set and you get to reroll and take the alternate roll instead.

The six core attributes to Dungeons and Dragons remain mostly unchanged through every edition, but some slight tweaks put some skills under Intelligence and others under Wisdom. The starter set makes no mention of Bard, Sorcerer, Barbarian or Druid characters, just your basic Fighter, Rogue, Wizard and Cleric listed here. 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons introduces reactions and bonus actions which is interesting. In 3.5 you ready an action that can trigger on another turn, but reactions allow you to even cast some spells in reaction to something happening, like a Wizard can instantly cast Shield as a reaction to being hit or struck by a magic missile which could negate a hit after it already struck technically in some cases.

You can also ready spells to trigger as reactions instead, and the ability to cast many spells as rituals without using a spell slot is interesting. There is more copious healing in 5th Edition than 3.5 Edition in that you heal with merely an hour of rest, you get a pool of hit dice that you can choose to recover. I think this is from 4th Edition and I didn’t like that every character can heal so much and so quickly, in the later editions I can see it allows you to get back into the fights quicker but also diminishes the specialty of the Cleric and healer role. A warrior even has a recover skill where he can recover hit points as a bonus action (not even take a move or attack action) in combat, so basically he has like an Insta-Cure Light Wounds in 5th Edition.

Wizards and Clerics have extremely powerful offensive magic at 1st level, and cantrips which can be cast unlimited without memorization can even do 1d8 damage on a successful save or attack role. This means a Wizard or Cleric technically never needs a weapon as their cantrips can do as much damage as a longsword on a hit. Even more, a 1st level spell can do up to 24 points of damage (4d6 for Guiding Light) on Clerics and Burning Hands does 3d6 for Wizard at level 1, even Magic Missile does 3d4 damage at level 1.

I think Spellcasters are overpowered compared to other classes in the first few levels, it may even out later, but even with warriors and their damage bonus and wielding a weapon two hands to get higher damage die don’t have the damage capacity of a level 1 Wizard or Cleric spell from what I can see. I do like how they consolidated spells and you can prepare lower level spells in higher level slots to increase the effectiveness of the spell. Instead of Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds…etc you now have Cure Wounds and if you prepare it at a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or higher level spell slot it will scale up it’s healing dice appropriately. This reduces the number of duplicate spells at different levels that have only a higher number of dice as a difference. Some spells now require you to prepare them as a higher level slot to get extra damage dice, this lowers the effectiveness of Level 1 Magic Missile when you are level 9 or higher, as you usually won’t want to waste a higher spell slot, it won’t automatically do 5d4 damage just for being a higher level anymore, though there are still some spells that scale up with your level, this is mostly cantrips which scale up which again means a wizard and cleric can almost always do more damage with a cantrip than a weapon with a warrior until they get multiple attacks per round.

Saving throws are simplified, now you have just saves vs your ability score. Base Attack Bonus is completely gone and replaced with Proficiency Bonus which applies to both attacks and spells for spell casters. I like the concept of death saves, and that there is no -1 to -9 HP to keep track of now, once you hit 0 you simply make a death saving through each round, 3 successes and you stabilize, 3 failures and you die. You can also have someone stabilize you, or you can be healed to 1hp. I like that there is a 3rd level revivify spell now that can bring someone back to life with 1hp, instead of the 5th level spell raise dead. This helps lower level clerics revive allies down in a fight if they went down a short time as you only have a 1 minute window to revive them with this spell.

Features and Traits are similar to Feats in 3rd Edition though there are none but the default ones with the pre-generated characters so I can’t say how many there are and variation of them. So far though the edition looks pretty lean, again a little bit less realisim, I prefer characters who need to spend longer periods of time healing off injuries and having to find rare herbs/medicines to heal rather than every character being able to recover so much HP just by taking short rests for example. The way spell preparation is done, where you prepare a pool of spells, and then can cast any in that prepared spool based on # of slots, means you can have more variety of what you can cast, instead of being locked to a 1:1 spell to slot, this may mean that there is no need for the Sorcerer class in 5th Edition as essentially this merges some of what the Wizard did and some of the benefit of Sorcerer in 3rd Edition.

So far on the quest that came with the starter set, my players (kids) wound up being slain at the entrance to the first quest in the 3rd combat, due to some unlucky dice rolls and decisions which led to one character getting unconscious from a 30′ fall leaving the others to be horribly outnumbered in a Bugbear battle.

Have you picked up the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Starter Pack yet?


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