Mar 19

Purchased the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Set

Yep, so after playing a little more of the starter edition of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with the boys I decided to take the plunge and purchase the 3 core rulebooks for 5th Edition Dungeons and dragons.  These are probably the only books I will use for a while and I am liking some of the features of the new edition from the starter pack, most noteably though is how powered mages and clerics can be with level 1 spells doing up to 24+ damage on a single spell in a 1st level spell slot.  There is little chance a 3.5 edition 1st level character could match a 5th edition 1st level character based on some of the improvements to spell damage and effects in 5th edition.  Though warriors seem to be on par, again, don’t have full rule books yet so just basing on the small list of things I see in the starter pack.

The kids want to get more involved with drawing and making maps, towns and dungeons and we shall make this a whole family affair.  My oldest son is loving the Dwarven Cleric and my youngest is a human fighter both have their own play style, my youngest is more loyal and honest, truly lives up to the Lawful Good alignment while my oldest is quick to turn to profit in game and between the two of them constantly wanting to follow different paths I can see my DM challenges ahead of me with turn based approaches and trying to keep missions and storyline that appeals to both players at the same time or else it will end up being one person’s turn then another without an actually party traveling together.



Mar 16

HyperX Fury Pro Gaming Mousepad

So randomly in the mail HyperX sent us one of their Fury Pro Gaming Mouse pads, and this thing was a BEAST in size even though it is one of their smaller size options!

So 360mmx300mm was so huge, it easily bested the size of both my other desktop mousepads combined.

My mouse has so much room to scroll in all directions I never have to worry about my mouse reaching the edge of the pad.  The surface is nicely textured and the mouse tracks perfectly, but of course I have to say that the edges are laser cut and not braided, this means they probably are prone to separation over time but I won’t say for certain as I haven’t used the mousepad long enough.  I tend to prefer mousepads with braided edges because I rest my entire arm on the mousepad most of the time and I have frayed the edges of many a mouse pad before.

This one is a simple no-nonsense beauty and is ideal if you just want a solid mousepad that is large and your mouse will track well on.  Black faced mousepads still do best for red laser mice when tracking and I recommend them over getting one with a fancy graphic art if you just want something for pure gaming performance.


Mar 15

Mining is Oh So Boring in Elite Dangerous

I did finally try out mining with my Type-6 and unfortunately it looks cooler in the images than it actually is.  The mining profession just isn’t profitable as the random nature of minerals you get from Asteroids isn’t found out until you start mining and each asteroid only has about 10 chunks you can break off to collect, refine and turn into minerals to sell.  What this actually ends up meaning is that you spend a great deal of time slicing into an asteroid, moving back and forth to scoop up pieces in your cargo scoop, then putting them in the refining bay slot, then back to the grind.

In the end, my average profit was around 33,000CR an hour when getting Silver, Bertrandite, and Lepidolite.  I imagine if you can find the Painite which sells for like 33k CR per ton, you may get profit, but I have yet to find any and it is a needle in a haystack out there.    They need to make mining more engaging and profitable without Painite being the only thing people would be willing to mine for.  A tractor beam that helps scoop up minerals into the cargo scoop would be a huge asset as well.

Either way, I was glad I tried it and some pretty pics came out of it.


Feb 24

How to Set Hootsuite as Desktop App in Chrome

Recently Hootsuite changed so that they show you a splash page when going to the Hootsuite app even when you logged in, this bypasses you going straight to your dashboard so you didn’t have the ability to have a working Hootsuite Chrome Desktop Application.  This is easily fixed however as Hootsuite Support gave a directly URL to use for Hootsuite desktop applications.

First, in case you didn’t setup Hootsuite as a Desktop App you can do that now.

  • In Chrome visit and sign in
  • When you see your Dashboard, click on the Tools Button or Customize and Control Button

  • Click down on More tools
  • Click on Create Application Shortcuts…

  • Now you will see a Black Owl icon appear on your desktop
  • Right Click on Your Hootsuite Desktop App Shortcut

Your target line will probably look something like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –app=

  • All you want to do is change the –app= portion and make it look like this


  • Then click OK

Now double click on your Hootsuite Desktop Application shortcut and you should show up in the Dashboard right away if you are already signed in.


Feb 23

The Kindle Fire HD 6 for $99

Few tablets impress me as much as the Kindle Fire HD and HDX line of tablets, the price/performance ratio is just fantastic and the Kindle Fire HD 6.  This is a $99 tablet (8GB Model) that has amazing performance for the price, so much that they stand by that no other sub $100 tablet can even touch the performance.  I wanted to put this to the test, so I bought one for one of my writers so he can do a review and a series of articles showing off the Kindle Fire HD 6.

With Amazon now developing it’s own games, they recently released a Fantasy based puzzle game called Saber’s Edge which is free to play and looks pretty good.  Both of my kids have the Kindle Fire HDX and my oldest plays Hearthstone on it, I am not 100% sure if the Kindle Fire HD 6 can play Hearthstone  yet but will make sure our readers over at know if it can after my writer receives his unit and starts his testing and review.

The Kindle Fire HD 6 really is the ultimate family tablet, especially if you have kids because the free time, multiple user profiles are fantastic, combining it with Prime and family sharing and you can get 1 free book per month, free unlimited music, videos and so much more.

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