My Current Deck in Elemental Kingdoms

It has been about 2 weeks since I managed to procure any new 5 star cards, but my current deck is doing pretty well in Elemental Kingdoms.


With my rank staying around 100 in the PVP battles, I continue to try to see if I can get my hands on an Ice Dragon or some 5 Star Forest cards other than the Fire Kirin’s.

I don’t have enough cards that have immunity to all spells, so when I am up against some opponents who have many cards with abilities they can be tough.  The 3 Taiga Generals though make quick work of any opponents who don’t have a stack of immunity to all spell cards.

I am looking to build a stronger Forest deck next as I keep looking for more cards in towers.  I spend about 15-30 minutes per day just keeping up with the treasures and the daily check in, it is a fun distraction when I am waiting an an office or before bed or 1st thing in the morning while I am drinking coffee.

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