Sep 27

Making Money with BlogsVertise

The last thirty days have been better than average with the BlogsVertise blogging network.  I was able to rake in about $30 with two sponsored opps which is far more than I have been getting (average of one $7-$9 dollar offer per month).


The other thing I noticed is that for the first time all of my opps have grab bag items which are extra assignments you can collect and do without being directly assigned opps.  These assignments can be Pay Per Action items which pay you only if a user clicks through and orders or fills out a form on the other side or sponsored posts.  Some are just writing a post about anything and including some backlinks (typically you will only see these type of offers on blogs with a PageRank 3 or higher).

As usual I find most offers from systems come for my Poetry blog which has my highest PageRank of 3 but the lowest Alexa and number of visits compared to all my blogs.  Ironic that my blog that barely gets 2,000 visits per month gets the most offers compared to a blog that gets 5x as much traffic.

This only further reinforces that backlinks are a hot item and you can make some decent earnings if you own a few blogs with PR5+ Google rankings.  These blogs can net anywhere from $10-$20 per month for each link on a homepage, if you had two blogs with five links each you can rake in about $200 per month from doing nothing but hosting some backlinks on your homepage.

image I am still working to improve my own blogs PageRank by focusing on building  backlinks which I will do through combinations of guest posting, commenting and such.  In the meantime, BlogsVertise is a good option to make some money with sponsored posts and should be added to your arsenal of programs to make money online with your blogs.

You can read my guide on which programs make money blogging and my recommendations.  You can also sign up for BlogsVertise and register your blogs today.  They have a pretty fast approval system and you can get offers emailed to you within a few weeks.

-Justin Germino

Justin Germino
IT Security Expert who is a married father of two children living in Arizona, my hobbies include technology, blogging and spending quality time with my family.
Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • http://www.neverthelessnation.com pcd2k

    “Ironic that my blog that barely gets 2,000 visits per month gets the most offers compared to a blog that gets 5x as much traffic.”

    This speaks volumes about the value and integrity of the original nature of your content and possibly the authenticity of your readership.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Nah, it is a poetry blog, there is no true writing or opinions, it only gets offers because it has higher pagerank which is what most advertisers care about.