IZEA offers PinableAds

IZEA is quick to offer services that allow advertisers to market to the latest social media consumers while offering bloggers a way to monetize their blogs and social media accounts.

PinableAds is the next service from IZEA


With PinableAds from IZEA advertisers can create pins for their products and services and increase the attention to them.  Obviously this has a slant toward fashion and flashy items that are visually appealing in a photo.  Remembering that Pinterest is a key demographic for women bloggers and social media enthusiasts and you can leverage this offering to get your product in front of a demographic with a lot of viral marketing power.

PinableAds already integrates into SocialSpark Ads platform for those who are bloggers so just make sure you are applying for the SocialSpark Ads program and are taking advantage of it.

I haven’t seen any PinableAds show up on my blog yet, but I am curious to know how it integrates and what it will look like.  If you haven’t used SocialSpark to earn money from your blogging platforms yet I highly recommend it.

-Justin Germino

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