Guest Poetry Accepted on WandererThoughts.com

So I had someone submit a poem to me via the normal contact me form on WandererThoughts.com and it gave me the idea to put in a submit a poem feature into WandererThoughts.com. 

I of course used Formidable Pro to create the form, but figured why not open it up to guest poetry this could help add more poetry content to the site on the weeks where I am busy and cannot contribute as much.  I intend to copyscape scan all poems before submitted to try and confirm author authenticity but I also consider a publish post by email function as well.

Combined with a Form, you technically could have a user submit a poem that will automatically email the account that will auto-publish the article instantly, but this would remove any screening and spam removal techniques other than relying on the form itself to do that.

So for now I will scan all poetry entries manually, but maybe at some point in the future I will test the auto publish feature if the guest poetry submission option added to Wanderer Thoughts Poetry becomes popular.

If any of my readers enjoy writing poems and want to test out the new submit a poem form, go ahead and give it a try and tell me what you think.


-Justin Germino

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Justin Germino

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