Found the Creative Copy Challenge is Back

Somehow I missed the memo but the Creative Copy Challenge blog has been back online for a while under a new name hosted on the WordPress.com free hosted site.

The Creative Copy Challenge is a great community where every Monday and Thursday writers are challenged to create new original material with 10 random words that are provided by that day’s host.  This is a writing exercise and I tend to use it to help write creative poetry which is similar to my random Twitter poetry game.


An example was in Creative Copy Challenge #300 where the following words were provided to writers.


The poem I created was:

Star Attraction

That poor elephant
in an octagon ring

circling a rocket lamp
like some robot reference

star of some trick show
on every email promotion

a plus size spectacle
under virtual lock and key

This is a fun writing exercise and it helps keep the creative juices flowing, if you are a writer who enjoys creative writing or poetry then I recommend you play the Creative Copy Challenge twice a week like I do.

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