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So since signing up for Pinterest about 5 days ago I made a point of creating a few boards, a bunch of Pins (pages) and liking some other articles I have found floating in my stream.

One thing you notice about Pinterest right off the bat is it is more visual media focused than any other Social Network.  You don’t really see anything prominent as far as text other than a tiny title description.  Images rule here and images are what catch the eye, there is also a separate category just for videos and gifts.

Out of all the other social networks to me Pinterest resembles StumbleUpon the most, in that you simply share and stumble cross other pins/Pinterests from your social networks.  The beauty though is instead of having to stumble one article at a time you can see dozens of images/video’s all on the same page and something usually instantly catches your eye.

What this means is if you want your blog posts to become noticed if someone Pins them on Pinterest you will have to take the time to invest in eye catching images.  If your site has no images you can’t even pin it!  Pinterest will not let you pin a page where it can’t find images or video of a suitable size to make a thumbnail from.


This may put blog which don’t embed rich media into their articles at a disadvantage on this social network!  I would highly encourage you to make sure you put in at least one large image in every blog post in the event someone should try and Pin it.

I think the categories are still very limited, there is no Video Game or Gaming category on Pinterest at this time and there definitely should be.  But overall it seems pretty fun to scour a slew of pins and see what catches my eye.  I have heard some bloggers already say they are seeing a fair amount of traffic coming in from Pinterest and started to develop strategies to try and leverage marketing on Pinterest or bringing in traffic from it.

Have you tried Pinterest yet, what are your thoughts?

If you want an invite, just leave a comment and let me know.  I will send you an invite.

-Justin Germino

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Justin Germino

IT Manager who is a married father of two children living in Southern California, my hobbies include running a technology blog, doing product reviews, playing video games (gamer for life), and spending quality time with my family.

  • Hi Justin, I like Pinterest and I agree that it reminds me of StumbleUpon. I think that StumbleUpon has found a good rival in Pinterest because it’s much quicker to view and find what appeals to you. I’m hearing that the numbers of people joining and the traffic that people are getting is huge. Btw – thanks again for pinning my blog in your favorites 🙂

    • @Ileane You are welcome, I did a video today about blogs being Pinterest compatible too.

    • bbrian017

       @Ileane I also heard it’s blowing up… good for them online success is such a great felling.

  • bbrian017

    I haven’t used it, only because it requires me to connect with Facebook and I don’t like using Facebook “Brian Belfitt” for marketing. Perhaps I should create a Facebook account only for marketing… Can you use it as a group? I don’t think I saw that option.

  • CathyPWBelyea

    i love it