Diamond Planet Orbiting a Pulsar?

Read a really cool story last week on ibitimes about researchers potentially discovering a planet so dense they believe it is entirely made from carbon and therefore must be crystalline and quite possible a complete diamond.

This pulsar exists about 4,000 lightyears away so there won’t be any expeditions to mine it anytime soon, but what’s even more fascinating is that pulsars which are dead neutron stars average only 12 miles in diameter and for an object that small to have an orbiting planet seems profound in itself.




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  • How far would this diamond planet reach on earth? Is it possible when it reaches the earth thier will be some negative charges that will really affect human?

  • Its amazing how science can discover things that you can only imagine. Its very impossible to make an expedition to the diamond planet because of the distance of it to the earth.

  • Wow, this is amazing! Another discovery that science can offer us in this new generation.