An eBook and a Make Money Online Program

The requests to review stuff are piling up and my queue has me working on reviewing an eBook on building long tail keywords and maybe a make money online program in the next week on my spare time.  I also owe a few WordPress plugin reviews and still never did get me a copy of SEOPressor V5 to review hands on for my own site, they ignored my emails which disappointed me.

Read a really great article by Shimon Gurman about the demise of anchor text links over on iBlogZone. It made me think of altering my approach slightly for SEO in my own articles as well as when building back linking strategies to my own site online, though I don’t do very many guest posts if you are into SEO and run a blog then this article can really help you improve your SEO strategy.

Speaking of blogging, Zac Johnson over at Blogging Tips did a slideshow article about the top 50 blogs that talk about blogging and if you are hungry to learn more about how to blog articles, tips, recommendations or just ideas you can certainly benefit by reading some of the sites he highlights.

Of course Dragon Blogger wasn’t on the slide show list, many of the peer blog sites on the list were always in the same roundup as DragonBlogger but somewhere along the lines the blogging community forgot we still cover blogging/SEO/Social Media just as much as tech, gadgets, gaming and such.

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  • Thanks for the mention! Lots of blogs didn’t make the list (which was compiled by someone else). I will have to make another/updated one to cover more sites that should have been listed.

    • No problem Zac, I am actually thinking about doing a weekly Best around Blog Engage series, showcasing some of my favorite articles that I ran across on Blog Engage that week, this article gave me the idea for it.