Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 29

Bold New Move with Pixar’s Brave

Pixar Brave comes to theaters and is a Scottish tale of a princess standing up

Feb 28

White Collar Finale Tonight

Tonight is the White Collar Season 3 Finale and we find out what the verdict will be regarding Neal getting commutation of his sentence.  The trailer indicate things go poorly and once again we see Neal appears to be going on the run. Many say White Collar is one of the most underrated shows on …

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Feb 27

Magic at the Oscars?

So wound up watching the Oscars last night as I was looking forward to seeing Billy Crystal host but though I enjoyed seeing the nominations, winners and presenters I didn’t think the host and show itself was any more notable this year compared to the golden years of Billy Crystal. Maybe it is just me …

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Feb 26

Do Not Get Discouraged By Traffic Loss

In a great article by Evelyn over at she talks about the effects of traffic loss and how it can make a blogger feel. I can completely relate seeing that my blog has had peaks and valleys in traffic over the years and I am not talking about going from 2200 to 2000 visits …

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Feb 25

Livefyre Commenting Issues

Having some Livefyre commenting problems on my two smaller blogs and I haven’t been able to isolate the cause of the problem yet.  I figured it would be some sort of conflict with a WordPress plugin or something but when I disabled all non-essential plugins the Livefyre code still wasn’t working. I am still attempting …

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