Planters Digestive Health: Best Tasting Nut Mix

I picked up a can of the Planters NUT-rition Digestive Health Mix the other day and I swear this was the most flavorful and best tasting nut mix I have ever had.  It has dried berries to add a sweetness that compliments the almonds and pistachios so well.

I have eat a ton of trail mix brands over the years, but there isn’t too much salt, no chocolate or yogurt coatings and this just plain tastes exceptional.  Each can says it has about 8 servings in it, but I usually only get about 4 servings per can since I tend to eat two heaping handfuls in a serving.

If you are looking for a new nut mix that has cherries, cranberries, grain clusters, almonds and pistachio’s then the Planters NUT-rition Digestive Health Mix is the right kind of mix for you.

How many of my readers have tried this particular flavor?  I have tried the Antioxidant and Heart Healthy mix before, both are really good as well.

-Justin Germino


What Are Your Thoughts on Twitter Censorship?

With Twitter putting policies in place that allow it to expand into other countries but also comply with local laws that allow the censorship of tweets that governments flag as illegal Twitter has seen both attackers and defenders already over the past few days.

Twitter has legitimacy in wanting to expand and tap into a larger audience, with 100 million users, Twitter is about 1/9th the size of Facebook and only slightly bigger than Google+ and was around a lot longer than Google+.

Twitter also was the platform that most notably helped spawn revolutions in Egypt and protests in other countries.  The biggest fear is that now if people try to voice their opinions and calls for change, they will be blocked and shut down.

imageCensorship is not what most free countries tolerate or stand up for and the thought of Twitter potentially censoring tweets and removing them from countries where any outlet for free speech is a welcome and necessary option.

Twitter does however say it will investigate all “flagged” tweets and post any that were censored on another site mentioning what was censored and why.  They also state that they will allow the offending tweets to stay intact for other countries just not for the one where laws where violated.

We shall see how this shapes up and whether Twitter’s reputation will be damaged and possibly suffer a backlash with some people already declaring “No Twitter Days”.

How do you feel about the latest compromises Twitter is making in exchange for being more attractive as a social media network to more rigid countries?  Share your thoughts.

-Justin Germino

Spotify only iPod Touch

Was funny when my wife asked me why there were no songs on my iPod Touch and I told her I use Spotify exclusively for all my music now.  I pretty much don’t load iTunes at all to transfer music anymore to my iPod and only use the iTunes for apps, news, games that I occasionally play (I use my iPad for apps more than my iPod touch).


Spotify is pretty fantastic and though it doesn’t have everything I find new stuff is being added all the time.  Just a few months ago I didn’t find the Greenback Boogie song which came out a few months later and just was instantly available.

I have been a paying Spotify member for a long time now and have no regrets, they still need to add more Tangerine Dream albums but I already have listened to so many I haven’t heard before thanks to Spotify.

I really think that for people who think it is worth paying for Sirius or XM Satellite radio, Spotify is worth the $9.99 per month to get unlimited music streaming and even be able to store a hundred songs offline at any one time to listen while you are in offline mode.

Spotify now has apps too that provide extra detail like song lyrics, billboard charts and even more options for building radio features and your own stations.

I just wish Spotify app existed for the Kindle Fire so I can more easily build kids custom playlists and sync their devices.  I also would like to see Spotify contract with publishers and maybe allow audio books as well.  I would pay an extra $5 per month to have audio book access on top of my $10 per month subscription.

-Justin Germino

Enjoying Naked Juices

You know if you consider the fact that Naked Brand juices are $2.99 on average per bottle at Fry’s and cheaper at Walmart and you drink just 1-2 per day to replace a meal it is actually cheaper than buying a juicer and juicing your own vegetables that would give you the same nutritional value.


Seriously, my favorite is the Green Machine which in addition to having Apples, Banana, Kiwi, Mango and some Pineapple juice also has the following healthy ingredients.


Try putting all that in a juicer or blender and see how much it would cost you for 1 serving size?  They have over 24 flavors of juices including some smoothies with soy protein instead of milk protein.

My favorites are Orange Carrot, Blue Machine, Red Machine, Power-C, Mighty Mango and of course Green Machine.  I haven’t tried Gold Machine or some of the others but I haven’t encountered a Naked Juice that I didn’t like.

Because they are fresh juices with no artificial ingredients I can’t order them from and have to go to local store.  I usually buy about 4-5 bottles per week and drink one instead of a lunch on some days.

If you haven’t tried Naked Juices yet then you don’t know what you are missing.

-Justin Germino

People Love Their Kindle Fire

With my Kindle Fire Giveaway having about a week left over on I noticed that the official Kindle Fire fanpage on Facebook inches closer to 500,000 likes.

win a free kindle fire

I almost never see any negative comment and majority of owners are passionate and love their tablet.


My kids love their Kindle Fire and every weekend I am preloading new music or switching out movies on both Kindle Fire’s that my boys received as Christmas presents.

There are new games added every week but I will admit that there needs to be a larger selection of high quality games, this will come to grow in time but in general I still find that Apple Store has a higher selection of quality games or at least licensed movie based games and such.  You won’t find any Superman, Green Lantern, Spiderman games on the Amazon App Store for example yet.

You will find Real Steel boxing game for Kindle Fire which my 5 year old loves, and you will find other excellent games like Battleheart but Kingdom Rush isn’t available yet.

The Kindle Fire is growing rapidly and is highly recommended if you want a tablet that is $199 and worth every penny.  Just ask any questions on the Kindle Fire page and you will get a glutton of people willing to share their advice, feedback or opinions.  Or if you already own a Kindle Fire, you can join my Kindle Fire Owners Facebook group and share your stories and ask for help.

-Justin Germino

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