When in Rome

Yes, I meant Rome instead of roam.  My vacation to Italy starts tomorrow and my kids grandma will be moving into our house to take care of them while my wife and I spend a much needed 12 day excursion to Rome, Italy.  Though we spend 2 days in Rome itself, we are actually enjoying a cruise that departs from Rome and travels to Sicily, Greece and Turkey before returning to Rome.

This will be the first time either of us have ever visited Europe and we are hoping the experience is magical.  I actually cannot believe my wife was able to fit all her outfits in two checked suitcases and a carry on.  I swear I thought I would have to conjure up a portable hole or a few bags of holding (D&D jokes for the RPG’rs) for this one.

Meanwhile, I will be taking lots of photo’s, some video and will hope to put together a few posts detailing our journey when we arrive home.

Note, normally I don’t condone declaring we are going out on vacation but for all would be burglars out there who may know where I live.  My house will not be empty, people are moving into it while I am gone.

Thank you,

-Justin Germino

Pictures of the Elusive Roadrunner

This bird had been taunting me for weeks and has frequented our community for at least a few months.  There are a pair of roadrunners that I always see in the very early morning or evening hours running up and down the street but my camera was never handy.

My wife finally pointed out he was in our yard, and I grabbed my camera with telephoto lens.  As I opened the front door he started running and I was just able to snap off a few shots with 2 of the 4 being too blurry to post.

This bird is fast on foot, seriously fast and hard to shoot and track with a zoom lens.


He paused only briefly in the street as if to smirk at me after realizing I took his picture.

-Justin Germino

Seven Year Old With an Email

So my son was using my email account too often to sign up for free to play games online and I got sick of all the spam so set him up with his own custom email address hosted at one of my blog sites.  This private email is his personal "free game sign up" email that he can use only to sign up for games but he doesn’t do email communication at 7 yet.  So no thunderbird or means to check his email, if something requires activation or a click then I will open the email and follow through with any final activations.

Lately my son has been wanting to play Wizards 101 and the commercials spewed all over Cartoon Network and other cable channels I am sure absorbed many kids.  I didn’t like AdventureQuest so much but MonkeyQuest was fun and let him join that one.  Roboblocks is getting popular and he also plays that with his friend down the street.

Rather than buying console games I see most kids getting into Free to Play games because they simply don’t have money to purchase games and do have "TIME" to spend building up characters in games so they can kind of offset needing in game purchases to get big items quickly.

It does however mean that a kid like my own son who has a short attention span for games filled up his 240GB hard drive to where he has less than 1.6GB free from all his various free game and game demo downloads.  I mean some demo versions of games from STEAM are 4GB in size for a single game demo.

Meanwhile, both my boys already want iPad 2’s for Christmas and I am going to go broke with my kid’s gadget requests at some point.  Good thing kids can become online entrepreneurs at a young age because the moment my kid turns 10 I am welcoming him to the world of blogging and affiliate marketing so he can make his own money to buy his latest gadget wants.

-Justin Germino

Captain America: Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull

Captain America coming out in a few weeks and this is the last Avengers movie about the single team members before the Avengers movie actually comes out in theaters.

I can’t believe Hugo Weaving (LoTR, Matrix) plays The Red Skull, this actor has his hands in so many franchises and I couldn’t recognize him at all behind the make-up.


Do you think Captain America will be as entertaining as Thor, Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk? 

How will it fare against Green Lantern which came out just a few weeks prior?

Here is the preview:


-Justin Germino

Missing a Great Pool Table

We used to have a really awesome pool table years ago that we sold when we thought we were moving to California.  This pool table had red felt top, was solid and we bought a top board to turn it into a ping pong table.  My kids were babies at the time but now that I have a seven year old and a four year old I know they would have enjoyed hitting the balls around.

There are so many great luxury pool tables to choose from when looking at pool table sites like Liberty Games which sells everything from refurbished pool tables, reconditioned pool tables to American style pool tables.

I even saw an all steel pool table which is something I had never seen before.

But with kids if I were to get another pool table I might consider the 6′ Strikeworth Multi Game Table, which though it is only 6′ has air hockey and table tennis to increase usability with my boys.

I really do miss my pool table and sometimes consider getting one for our front room again in the future.  I do recall my only problem is that other than my wife and I occasionally playing or me practicing by myself I didn’t have company over often enough to play it more than a few times per month.

Here was my old pool table by the way:


-Justin Germino