Sep 13

Time to Get the Boy a Phone

Well with my oldest son turning 11 in October we have decided that the time has come to get him a phone for his birthday.  Even though many of his peers already had phones, we also know many of his peers had lost or broken them and incurred numerous expenses to have them replaced.  He still has some forgetfulness like when he forgot his Kindle Fire HDX at Olive Garden the other day, but I think the phone will help increase his responsibility.

My wife and I still have not completely decided on what model of phone to get him, though we could just get him a cheap phone that can do basic calls and texts, I am leaning toward getting him a full Android phone like the LG G2 which won’t have any cost as I have an upgrade available through Verizon right now.  I certainly am not willing to pay any money for the phone itself, and the extra plan cost for an iPhone 4S even if it is free makes me not inclined to choose that model.

I also didn’t want to get a 5.5 inch phone for him, since he will likely keep it in his backpack and I didn’t want such a bulky phone, whatever phone I get, I need to make sure a strong Otterbox Defender or similar case is available for it to keep the screen and phone well protected from drops, impacts and general mishaps.

I think he would benefit having full access to Android and experimenting with the various apps, he is already very familiar with the similar Kindle Fire OS, and has used full Android on a tablet so think this would be beneficial.  I just hope he doesn’t lose the phone.

Note the LG G3 is a really nice phone, but even with subsidy and upgrade, it was far too expensive to consider.

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Sep 09

Showcasing Action Cameras For Dogs

Most people who love taking action camera footage of themselves riding a bike or doing crazy stunts while wearing a GoPro know the value of being able to capture the action while leaving your hands free.  For those of you who want unique pet perspectives on Frisbee throws, Stick fetching or perhaps even a dog chasing someone down the street, you have Action Cameras for dogs.

GoPro ADOGM-001 Fetch

Of course GoPro Makes an Action Camera for dogs, and it pretty much is a light body harness with a camera that mounts above it.  This is a brand new product and though there is only one review on Amazon and it isn’t positive, this is not necessarily a good benchmark when a review shows up before the product is even available.  This is also the only dog camera harness I can find that sports 2 camera mounts so you can capture the same action from 2 point of views at the same time from your dog.

My prediction is the dog viral action videos with POV are going to be swarming around the holidays when this camera goes on sale.

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Sony Dog Mount

The Sony Dog Mount is the other available right now action cam for dogs where readers and reviewers say it is perfect for mid sized dogs but a little loose for small dogs.  This is a single body harness with a camera mount in dead center top.

Again with these dog mount harnesses, it doesn’t come with the camcorder you have to use your own and you may want to experiment with your least expensive one and spare first to make sure you are comfortable with it.

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Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Camera Mount,

The least expensive on the list and also contains 2 points where you can mount the camera from (top and chest) so that you can take different POV or mount 2 cameras for 2 POV at the same time.

Again with any mount like this that you are trying out for your dog, read the details and know the size/weight of the dog and if it is a good fit.  It is always a good idea to purchase something like this from Amazon which has a great return policy if the mount just doesn’t fit well or hold the camera well for your dog.

Sep 07

How To Find Your YouTube Channel Name

Sometimes you just don’t remember your YouTube Channel Profile name or exactly the URL shortname so you can leave it in a profile somewhere.  There are several ways to find your YouTube profile URL and name but we will cover just a few of them.

YouTube DashBoard Link

If you go to you will see your View Channel link in the center, simply hover over and look at the URL or click it and you can see your YouTube user URL.

This is the simplest and fastest way in my opinion to find your YouTube Channel Name, but another method would be to go to any of your videos, then click on the channel under the video.

But you can see if you run channels tied to a Google Plus Business Page, this can lead to a pretty ugly looking channel link but this technically is the same channel as just what it looks like behind the scenes without the “alias”.


Sep 05

IZEA Marketplace Full of Opps is Unmanageable

I love IZEA services and how they bring brands and bloggers together, but have literally become so frustrated with the IZEA Marketplace as of late, that it is practically unusable for me.  The problem is I have a lot of social media properties and blogs, and each one has opps that show up that I can bid on, the problem is many opps are not a good fit for my properties and simply should be declined, the bad news is that when you have over 250+ opps that you should take action on, and you can only manually click on each one to Bid/Decline, and it takes a good 10-15 seconds for the Decline to pick up and in many cases doesn’t actually even remove the opp from your Bid queue, you end up with a giant list of opps and having no easy way to sort them by specific social media property, price…etc.

The IZEA Marketplace is also woefully slow performing, so a single action could take a long time to register, has no filters whatosever in the marketplace and therefore will end you leaving you scrolling indefinitely looking for the 3 or 4 good opps that may be worth bidding for, but when you click bid you are taken to another page to pitch your bid, only to have to go back to default open bids page and scroll to find the opps all over again.

Though the opps you bid on do get moved to your Pending Bid screen.

As I have a @dragonblogger and an @dragonbloggers Twitter account, two separate properties, I can’t see which property this opp is for without clicking on the Bid and seeing the full Twitter account name as well.

IZEA desperately needs to implement filter options, so you can simply filter and only see opps for specific properties in a drop down or check list, they also need a “select all” or multi select option for being able to mass decline, I can understand if Bid itself needs more info, but at least decline you should be able to check mark as many as you want in a long list, then just click decline once and mass decline them.

I don’t know if other bloggers in the system are having the same frustration with the mass open bids, or it is a result of just my social media properties having so many opps available, but I can barely use the system as it is now and it is more unwieldy than SocialSpark or SponsoredTweets as a result.

Sep 01

Card Hunter Needs to Release for iOS

Lately I have been playing Card Hunter when I can on my spare time, the combination of card game with Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing elements, make the game more fun than your basic turn based card game where you merely use your cards to defeat your opponents cards or hero.  In card hunter you have player characters who collect equipment and the equipment provides cards that your characters draw during turns in combat, the intricate types of spells, weapons, attacks, ranges, armor, blocks and more make the game very entertaining, it reminds me of playing the old board game Heroes Quest except with cards used for actions in combat.

The game is completely free to play and there is no time limits on how much you can play for free, you simply can enjoy it as long as you have a browser that supports Flash which is the crux of the problem.  The new 64 bit Chrome browser doesn’t support flash, nor does any Android or iOS browser natively.  The game simply only works under PC browser and they really should update it to HTML5 or make an iOS and Android compatible version of the game, it is well worth it and easily adapting the right click functions to double click or depressing the finger should be fairly intuitive to port.

Overall, when I am not playing Hearthstone or want something that is more of a cross between an RPG and a card game, I turn to Card Hunter and if you haven’t had the chance to play it yet, then it is worth checking out.  I love how you can go back daily and do the quicker dungeons, some of which only take 2-3 minutes to complete so you really can play in small time chunks which is all that I have available lately.

Learn more and play now at it is worth checking out, trust me.

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